“It’s The Demographics”

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I was asked to do a reaction video to this 1791L channel that has like 250K subs. When you meet people like this, tell them this: demographics, demographics, demographics.


Richard Grayson says:

This kike and Br Nathanael can stay. All others… GAS

Lou Duva says:

12:36 | Fuck, that's powerful. A great analogy. I'm going to use that, Frame. Cheers!

R Olsson says:

Jews are the biggest liars to themselves! To justify their actions!
When the world is done like toast – there will no place to hide or run to …

Yadin says:

im glad i found the other jew in the alt right

Jonathan Scoville says:

A species adapts and changes to ensure its own survival. My parents taught us children the same altruistic nonsense they were force feed in college. Today my children are taught none of this.

Tifa Lightning says:

I like that dude, be honest be a man. lol. We need some men and not boys or manchildren…

StripperTipper-405 says:

Wonderful stuff bruv.

Thank you so very much with the help you offer my people. I know that part of your beliefs are self serving but I think the other part is a bit of altruism towards the whites who did nothing to deserve the destruction they got for their big hearts.

Please don't stop.

Red Devil says:

Thank you. 1791L makes a lot of assumptions about Alt Righters, all while being a small hobbit-haired brown soyboy.
"Oh you're correct, 1791L; I'm AltRight simply because I must be a frustrated tiki torch virgin! I'm just so jealous of all them rich Jews! …….OR, I don't want my race to disappear. Maybe I'm sick of black footballers raping white women and saying 'This is for 300 years of slavery, bitch.' Maybe I'm sick of LaRaza saying that they're coming for me. Maybe I'm sick of all the excuses made for Muslim murderers who use Jihad and Taqiya. Maybe I don't like seeing idiot SJWs tear down historical monuments to my ancestors. Nah, I guess those reasons are stupid!"
1791L, le internet intellectual. Does all the research.

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Ain't no rest for the triggered!

Tijuana Foreplay says:

lol That Peterson meme in the beginning, perfect

Steve Bob says:

I love it, perfect argumentation. Horse shoe plus guilt by association. 0 arguments debunked or even mentioned, peak debating efficiency achieved

Enlightened Apple Fan Boy says:

“Dude like the alt right didn’t start until like 2013 or 14”- the ass hole that made this video. So we’re supposed to believe this mouff breather is Ivy League educated Jew!?

abaldguycreation says:

"Published on Feb 9, 2018?" Today is Feb 7.

The guys in 1791L developed their worldview IN academia's grip. Getting 'woke' has to happen before or after going into the government edocuindoctrination system. They're obsessed with avoiding harming their marketability, not spreading any message.

Ken Reyes says:

Are we ready for that revolution yet ?! I'm ready now !


man…do you know what they did to the last jew that stood up against them?

Autistic RAGE says:

This channel is getting rekt lol. Videos getting deleted as fast as you are making them. I wanted to watch the rest of your live "WE WUZ KANGZ" review but of course it's gone. I'm only commenting on this one because it still has comments enabled. I'm guessing you are close to getting your third strike. Will follow you to your next channel.

Roescoe says:

Lol echo chamber of Jewish conspiracies. Just because ((The Jews)) are rich doesn't mean they did so unfairly. Pitting people against each other really isn't going to solve much anything. The claims made by the alt-right seem to have the end-goal of stirring up unrest and starting a civil war.

Calm down and stop blaming other people. Make yourself the best you can be. Weed out all hypocrisy. Don't make excuses and lie. Make peace with all your relationships. Then perhaps we can look at these things going on.

SynCyn says:

I don't think I understand the significance of citing "demographics". Could someone explain to me why the are so crucial to the discussion? I feel like I'm missing the point of the entire video.

Richard Dewey says:

I used to really like 1791L until he cucked out

Augusto Pinochet says:

the latest 2 videos are in limited state and blocked in the UK

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