Knitter detained at U.S. border amid visa confusion

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Heather Breadner, who owns a small wool-dying business in Lindsay, Ontario, was recently denied entry to the U.S. after border officials said she didn’t have a work visa to sell her yarn at a two-day festival in Maryland.

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Vigilante Man says:

She should have hired a professional American salesperson to represent her and just put her on the phone every 15 minutes so that she is working from Canada.

The big picture is the US us not nice to Canada. Makes no sense considering the 1st US constitution had an open invitation for Canada to join the US, and the US tried conquering Canada twice in Revolutionary War & War of 1812.

The US could unilaterally open their border to all Canadians, except serious criminals, and it wouldn't affect them too much. Canada doesn't have the numbers or economic conditions to overwhelm the US. Australia and New Zealand have such an arrangement.

Jay Boyer says:

It’s a shame Canadians with extreme views are carrying the comment stream. Most Americans don’t love or hate Canada. As a child, our family spent every summer in Canada. We had good Canadian friends. I view Canadians as part of the North American family just with two separate governments. Remember, most Americans didn’t vote for “traitor Trump.” He’s causing these problems, not most Americans. Our system of government requires we wait to vote the bum out, which I sincerely believe will happen. Most American (again I believe) see Canada as our best friends. Be patient! Good, moral Americans will fix this problem in the next Presidential election. Maybe smarter heads will prevail and we can simplify our boarder crossing issues after Trump is gone.

M Dixon says:

The US Border agents are terrible, they have harrassed me many, many times.

Matt Biden says:

I think theres more to this story this woman isn't saying. She seems a bit unstable. She probably sassed off to the border agents and this happen. It was only two hours anyway.

jim smith says:

I can guarantee this issue not because of Trump, bad reporting just like cnn.

Just Wendt says:

Wow…what a world to witness…

Kaoss Comkaoss says:

Or the solution. Never go to the United States

Laura Spalding says:

This is news? Really? A misunderstanding at the border, sorry, this happens on the daily. Ain't no big thing

Terry Whelan says:

Soviet Union of the United States
Protect freedoms bu taking them away!
Stay in Canada Trump wouldn't be around for ever!

Greg Penny says:

If it is made in the USA drop it like has the plague, buy Canadian if you can, or from any other country, just not American.

roof pizza says:

I've stopped using the US as a travel hub let alone no longer holidaying there.

Alice Evonic says:

america is a burning ship, a failing empire, better we get off it anyway before it sinks, other economies are bursting, better we invest in them instead of letting this fiasco happen again in 15 years

jabbar kazmi says:

All these things that happened to this white woman that became a news story happen all the time to black and brown people……her sense of white privilege got hurt i am sorry..

yeeyoh says:

Odd story for so many jokes.

Steve R says:

Send a message to America… Don't go there, don't shop there, don't buy anything American! They better learn how to be a friend, or suffer the consequences.

R H says:

America First America First America First America first Americans Americans Americans Americans first Americans by American made

dan the man says:

dumb biased cbc presents no facts
not a right to cross
we all give up all our rights crossing = they can strip search you = raid your house within a two year window
the lady is out $25,000 dollars ??

FryingFlyingBeeStudio says:

Don't worry Canada I will not go there to sell anything until Trumps is long gone. Please retaliate against Trump and stand up to him.

Eddy Ruslim says:

what a mess(and cause by lots of people not doing homework), there must be legal precedence

Richard T says:

This lady looks like a mental case that's probably why they detained her…

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