Maxime Bernier removed from Tory shadow cabinet

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Maxime Bernier, a former Conservative leadership contender, has been removed from the party’s shadow cabinet and front bench in the House of Commons by Tory Leader Andrew Scheer.

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Akiva Abraham says:

Down with Scheer!

Bernier for Conservative Leader!

Kholke Holkepolke says:

This is why I'm not voting next election. These parties don't represent the public, they're corporate shills. They use socialisim as a means to produce corporate facism. And, the fact that Scheer did this, just killed the Conservatives chance at winning next election.

Nicolas Chaput says:

Sign the petition at Rebel Media to reinstate Mad Max in the shadow cabinet, the only real libertarian in the Conservatives…

Mike Christou says:

MAX has the pulse of this issue. Canadians are being sheared with supply management. Max should be the leader of the conservatives.

CamberwellCarrot says:

Despicable. Supply Management costs Canadian families hundreds of dollars every year and the conservatives should be explaining to Canadians that the dairy cartel, as well as the poultry one enriches large corporations unfairly and at the public's expense. The savings at the grocery store could be a great selling point in the next election. Scheer's not a conservative; he needs to go.

craigjulien75 says:

I recommended every Canadian (that values common sense) reads his chapter on supply management.

TruztNo1 says:

Two polices I support the conservative party one tax for Quebec, and border and Question about supply management and Trade Maxime Bernier is right and Sheer stand up a side of him time to contact the party …

Jean Berube says:

Yeah Bernier was booted because he stands straight and won't bend to Trudeau's demands like Scheer.
M103 is an abomination , I guess Europe isn't a relevant example of the mess youbare bringing to Canada #FreeTommy

Ray Larocque says:

Mr. Bernie is awesome!!…this Tory leader is a loser!!

Canadian Redneck says:

Andrew Scheer: I will protect freedom of speech!
Maxime Bernier: You are wrong about supply management.

Gandalf the white says:

Well looks like ill be voting against the conservatives now . Justin 2019 I guess

Tim 57 says:

Oh my… A politician who did not honour their word, what is the World coming to!?….

Solder Joe says:

It's almost like the right authoritarians are the same as the left's authoritarians. They are both perpetually offended and crave a nanny state.

letserb says:

The RED Tories are silencing the true blue conservatives.

Blazed and Confused says:

Talk more about Indigenous toilet cleaners.

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