Milo Yiannopoulos driven out of bar by mob

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Conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos was driven out by a crowd associated with the Democratic Socialists of America, who gathered to chant, ‘Nazi scum, get out.’ #Tucker

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Monoid says:

Thats how you handle nazis. Pretty simple, but effective.

Mike X says:

There are two kinds of freedoms – Freedom and anti-freedom."

ICU says:

milo is a paedo sympathiser

David Whitmore says:

Young, dumb, privileged white idealists. Mindless idiots.

GREEKgod says:

Looks like a cult weird

Robert Weis says:

Ya, this was not cool.

Drowsy Waters says:

What a bunch a whiny pussies. They should've kicked his ass.

CareBare Hair says:

Public displays of virtue by narcissistic fascists – who have never known oppression – taking a giant shit on the working classes.

HellOWorld says:

Petrograd, 1917 — Churchills, 2018

Ace Diamonds says:

if youre intolerant of intolerance then you are intolerant.

Crown Admirer says:

That's not a British flag, that's an English flag.

Gerhard Braatz says:

What a bunch of childish morons.

Ishfaq Hussain says:

Milo is Gay bastard that should be dealt with immediately!!!!!!!

Auttie B says:

I don't believe Milo should be given the time of day. He is insignificant

Scheisskopf79 says:

Socialist animals

WontB Quiet says:

These people are children.. they acted very immature.. the police should of been called on these people for causing the problems at this establishment.

califinn says:

When did the body snatchers get here? Seems like the more they chant, the more they sound like 30's Germany.

Tommy DH says:

Wow, so the left are now homophobic racist fascists?
Attacking and chasing a gay jew out of a bar just because they disagree with his opinion!

Mark Sill says:

I wonder what would've happened if a group (20-30) of Republican bikers walked into that place? LOL Then or now.

Anthony Marshall says:

i dont feel bad for him where is his black husband at lol

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