Milo Yiannopoulos Fires Out Facts Like A Boss!

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Some real facts. By Milo Yiannopoulos.

(Milo’s YouTube channel, linked below)

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Rick Martin says:

Milo rocks!

Mr K F says:

nice truth-bombs there Milo. I truly love going my own way, I don't have to put up with any "modern female feminist insanity", just walk away and improve yourself men. We don't need to pander to anybody. Freedom from all the BS.

Ruby Begonia says:

“Overcoming is what men do best”

John Morley says:

Milo speaks the truth.

Ian Cannon says:

he might be a filthy, stinking, disgusting, shit stabbing-cock sucking-bum fucker!, but he's on the mark!
….But why the hell is he moving around the place SO much!? The poofter can't keep still!? Maybe it's because he just played "hide the sausage" with his boyfriend!….YUCK!!!!


The man is just telling the truth!!!  We, White guys, need to stand-up, regrow our Balls, and take back all the stuff that these so-called "feminists" have taken from us.  And, the BEST thing that we can do is to give them the alleged "EQUALLY" which they claim that they want.  I mean, actually treat them THE SAME as we treat men — with NO Female-Friendly Double Standards.  Force them to comply with the SAME High Standards that men must comply with.  They wouldn't last a week if they were treated THE SAME as men.

cmtmj2006 says:

Milo is the man.

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