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NOT a Tommytard says:

Who wheeled out Milo the paedo apologist?

NOT a Tommytard says:

Another disgusting Tommytard

Sam Ludwig says:

What is he conserving..? Nothing but trash is this guy. Not funny, and just gross.

Jake Dean says:

Music at the end?

Fash out says:

Good ideas vs bad ideas? Remind me when the alt right has lost an open debate…

A M says:

why did they have to import so many balding rural halfwits if the issue of free speech is such a big deal lol, Notice the distinct lack of intelligent, successful, happy, plural, decent people at the rally

Sponge says:

Fucking twat.

Mary Viola says:

milo a good day!

Tuduk Coba says:

Fantastic speech by Milo!!!

skawashers says:

Who invited that NONCE

Red Pilled Paddy says:

Conservatism IS the new counter culture. But don't mistake 'conservatism' with the Tory party.

Violin Accordion says:

Sounds like third rate Mrs Shufflewick

John Doe says:

The best speech at today's march. Brilliant!

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