MUST WATCH! Ben Shapiro And Milo Yiannopoulos Discuss Trump And How To Defeat The Leftist Propaganda

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Ben and Milo sit together to talk about Donald Trump, Hollywood liberal bias and a variety of issues!! Clip taken from Politicon 2015 Breitbart Panel Talk. (10/12/15)


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False King says:

FINALLY my two favorite people

Edwin Mariano says:

Was that the A-7 scenario guy?

Raul P. says:

Hay algún héroe verga de oro pecho de platino que lo puedo traducir al inglés? :v

PikolUploader says:

oh well I didn't think they'd ever meet.
Haven't watched it yet, but I'm somewhat rooting Ben will rip Milo apart due to higher power levels of his chakara.

KhAlid BhAt says:

My boy Benny owns everyone including Milo.

benav07 says:

Awesome to see both these brilliant young men together on stage. Finally !!!

Uncle Ruckus says:

Both of my heroes toether on stage

Owen Smith says:

Is the guy in the fedora the bad guy from the goonies?

Douglas Mills says:

The reason Ben acts like he doesn't like Milo is because he is secretly attracted to him

Milo Luv says:

What’s tony stark doing up there?

Damaster says:

I thought they hated each other…

Kyle Ease says:

milo didn't graduate college

Nytrobomb says:

Milo looks like shit

samir .k says:

Never clicked off porn so fast

clintbronson5 says:

Want Milo and Ben on TYT…….hee hee hee

Matthew Telle says:

Oh man! ben tore his ass UP!


DÄn says:

Clash of Titans

Just Smashing says:

Cmon yanks, Milo/Ben MUST run your country or u fucked very soon.

Daniel García says:

he basicly said we re going a good direction cause u can kill prostitutes in videogames, so deep

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