Proposal to Split California Into 3 States Goes to Ballot

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A proposal by billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper to split California into three states has gathered enough verified signatures to be put to a vote this November.
After campaigning began last August, the CAL 3 campaign had gathered 600,000 signatures supporting the split by April this year. Now that the California Secretary of State’s office has confirmed the validity of 420,000 of these signatures, Californians will vote on the proposal alongside the midterm elections this November.

Draper’s proposal envisions splitting California into three separate states: Northern California, which would include San Francisco and Sacramento; Southern California, including San Diego, San Bernardino, and the Mojave Desert; and California, a sliver of coastline taking in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

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shaun stamm says:

letim gooooooooooo….see ya…….

serene sojourner says:

A deception to take the elections easier and have more government power

LAGN EUK 015845991 says:

You have to put Sacramento out the state capitol, out of it's misery. Highest taxes and housing rents, in addition to CALPERS the state pension system sitting on over one trillion dollars in unfunded pension liabiliteis. Homelessness has exploded, many people with regular jobs sleeping in there cars. It's a matter of survival. Everyone wants to leave California if they could, but to many have there work and family tied there, or the promise of a bogus government pension coming there way. The Unions donate to the majority party in power, and in return, beaurocratic paper pushers retire at age 51 with six figure pensions. In LA county and other places, there are more retired police collecting unpayable pensions, then there are police in service ( to brutalize and expooit ). And no one is providing solutions. It's all a disaster, there is no other way, but to break it up.

Suzi Paloozie says:

Southern Oregon and Northern California have talked about combining into a new state for years. The state of Jefferson.

Calico Insite says:

This is a Con that has been in the Agenda for some time…
And now while most folks are wishing Calif would finally fall into the ocean and bury the Calif liberals…
This Con is being played again??? WTF???

Patrick McCrady says:

Even if the vote were to pass new states or divisions of states would have to be approved by congress before any changes could take place.



Pat Patton says:

kill off the Realtors… they decide house prices for their commission.

Perry Weeks says:

I can't believe how we keep dividing , which gives the wealthy more . what's new? its an old 2000. year old game . but its the opposite of what God wants

Scott Eubank Eubank says:

Funny the people doing the gov work…It worked on foreign shores.

john doe says:

Just let Cali become their own country and let Puerto Rico become the 50th state.

negro 7 says:

i was born when California was one state now the break up can also represent the United States breaking up

Eric Edison says:

It's absolute garbage. All three possible States are designed in a way that each one would have more liberals than conservatives. So nothing would improve, liberals would still control everything and the Senate would get four more seats in the Senate. What a pile of garbage this is

negro 7 says:

i m from south California i ll stop the L.A. hat represent westsouth side

Damon Dixon says:

California be damned to hell

negro 7 says:

if California break up that means the United States can break up

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