Question Period: Carbon tax, steel and aluminum tariffs, NAFTA negotiations — June 13, 2018

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Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. Today the government faced questions on the carbon tax, aluminum and steel tariffs, NAFTA negotiations, and the Trans Mountain pipeline.

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Michaelday Dqymichael says:

Angry alt right trolls are jumping like fatties on biscuit night

shawn Of the dead says:

I thought the liberals strategy on the trans mountain pipeline was to buy it with our Canadian tax dollars 4.5 billion and so the liberals did and then build the

Extension of the pipeline that is tearing to great provinces apart for another 7.5 billion taxpayers money then turn around and look for a buyer to sell the pipeline to so how do we get 15billion a year in revenue?

Nicolas Seguin says:

Yes to renewable energy. No to the pipeline. Canadian Citizen here.

R. A. says:

PM Trudeau does not realize that people voted against Stephen Harper in 2015 and not for Justin Trudeau. PM Trudeau just ended up being a beneficiary of the anything but Harper movement. I am sure there will be a huge surprise waiting for PM Justin Trudeau in the 2019 federal election, he will really find out what Canadians think of his leadership.

R. A. says:

Why can't the liberals tell us how much the carbon tax is going to cost Canadians. Someone's hiding something.

R. A. says:

PM Trudeau is out of touch with the common people. This carbon tax will hopefully lead to a strong defeat of the liberal party in 2019.

hecke1959 says:

Carbon tax is picking Canadians pockets and nothing more.

Joe Schmoe says:

Alberta needs to separate NOW.

JW N says:

Gosh, JT never answers question. Scheer 2019!!

Christian Monroe says:

i hate this fuxin guy…

Mike Biro says:

Why can't this guy just answer a simple question?

AugustanFinn says:

Trudeau is really trying his neighbour's patience.
Australia has handled this entire thing with more maturity than him. He kept on trashing the POTUS and expected no response?
He's a loser even in India.
From TPP, CETA, Paris Accords and Carbon Tax the Canadians won't have even the dairy leverage over us.

Chris Van Bekkum says:

Throw the liberal bums out!!!!

Jim Jordon says:

Would love to see Trump debate Trudeau. Set up a pay per view.

John Grist says:

Trump offered you zero tariff zero subsidies for both countries. Pure free trade. Yet u don't take the deal. Proof u want preferential treatment and the ability to put tariffs on usa but u want none in return. No more robbing USA. You were just offered pure free trade. Proof you are moochers. Year after year of trade deficits no longer going to happen.

George S. says:

Globalism crying !!!

Benny B says:

Scheer talking about open borders? And supporting liberals?

Benny B says:

Arrest Soros and Trudeau now

don hezca says:

We need immigrants to stay as one of the best maybe some don't agree how they come but at the end of the day they all get to work to contribute to the economy so as long as they not working the system I'm good

GI2011 says:

Blah, Blah, Blah, Harper, Blah, Blah, Blah…it’s the same argument every time.

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