Trump’s tariffs on Canadian metals are illegal and absurd, says Chrystia Freeland

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Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland called Trump’s tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum illegal and absurd Wednesday after a session with U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

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Rauley Shar says:

What about China using Canada as a medium to smuggle goods in America tax free? The integrity of Canadian government is subjective due to the influence of Chinese firms and Asian Canadians on the congress!

Robert Burgess says:

Nice words no longer work. We want to see action out of the American government. We won’t hold our breath.

mark haas says:

"Remove all tariffs, trade barriers and subsidies". Trump gave us a chance to do the SMART thing, and now it's gone, perhaps for good. The Liberals have specialized in the art of bribing us with our own money. That's why they won't follow Trump's request; it could mean political suicide, especially with their base. We Canadians had a huge economic boom for the last decade, even spilling into the Trudeau administration which has been spending and borrowing like drunken sailors since they plucked power from the Conservatives. That little Golden Age ends very shortly. Hold onto your wallets, Canada; we're in for a bumpy ride.

Paul Marecki says:

Oh yeah where do all the planes land next time

Paul Marecki says:

she's hot speaking in French.

Jayden Banks says:

Eww didn't we vote that guy out of New Jersey? Also may God bless America and may Canadians wake up

Raya says:

Arrogance has led to Derangement

Jessica LT says:

I’m from Ohio and have always loved our neighbors to the north in Canada. I never voted for Trump or Clinton and am stunned by trumps ignorance about almost anything except real estate. The Republicans and Democrats have lost their way…. please present us with a Centrist who reads history, understands its importance, is educated, can and likes to read, understands our government and how it should operate and realizes our security also depends on our allies. Chrystia is incredibly smart and well spoken. What an asset for Canada and a fine example of intelligent and measured leadership.

One Voter says:

Thank you President Trump Great news for us. Wow I saw the Stranahan tweet. Lots of pukes going to jail who are on the mic

arif jau says:

Too bad canada depend too much on usa…never wish upon the star to make your wish come true, instead just go to another continent and do trade.

Richard Wright says:

AS a American I ask Please stop complaining, crying , just do what you have to do . I do not know a single Canadian so stop your kumbaya. Justin Trubitch and this women are irritating I can not finish this video

prvi front says:

Stop bitching Canada and pay your fair share.

FAA Inspector says:

You dont send a crying feminist drama teacher to negotiate with a top business negotiator like trump………..trump wants the best for his people and trudeau wants to fill canada with muslim filth who are a clear danger to western cultures and countries……….then he pretends to be a tough guy and slags trump as he gets on his plane to leave on the real business of NK and world peace…………you just are not that important justina..

Erin Michelle says:

Now watch the US dollar collapse… (Please define the word "great")

Michael Smith says:

The US needs steel and aluminum industries to secure its military supply chain. Get over it Canada.

Gray Matter says:

Let us keep our unique relationship with the US on a friendly basis, Trump is trying to make us divided so he can convince his followers that Canada is trying to take advantage of them. He is trying to make his allies enemies and enemies his allies.

Kevin Schwinkendorf says:

Everyone should just relaxe. All countries should be playing on a level playing field. It's the only right thing to do. Our past leaders haven't cared or have been ignorant. Or have decided not to do anything. It's shameful!

Kevin Schwinkendorf says:

It will all work out in the end. Our president is just looking out for our best interests.

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