🇵🇰 🇮🇳 UN rights chief calls for inquiry over abuses in Kashmir | Al Jazeera English

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The UN human rights chief has called for an international inquiry over alleged human rights abuses over the past two years in Kashmir.

Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan, but both countries claim the region in full.

Islamabad and New Delhi are accused of serious human rights violations that have killed many people in the region.

Al Jazeera’s Victoria Gatenby reports.

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Moe says:

May God help the Kashmiri people with their struggle and grant them peace.

Haider Akhlaq says:

Free Kashmir from terrorist Indian army clearly shows how this hindutva India is hiding their atrocities of the Kashmiri people from the world

Kim Jong Han says:

india is a terrorist country

Kommireddy Pavan says:

Kashmir will be cleansed from these jihadi pigs

yedhu krishnan says:

Interesting as the UN human rights chief itself is a Muslim ) ,why theres no inquiry into israeli killings of innocent Palestinians))

Umar Yusuf says:

This shows that Pakistan has nothing to hide while India is persecuting yet another people inside there boarder just how they have down to other people in the past.

Toori Baba says:

Also make a video on water that India has blocked for Pakistan the international Law is if a river flows in two countries its natural course is not to be disturbed but India has made a Dam to block our water!!!!!!

Muhammad Zubair says:

Shaheed never die.
Burhan Wani

A. S. B says:

We will kill more & more and no one can stop us

Samme Samme-nlar says:

Stop talking about this boring old meaningless brawl when the most important world cup is on !!!

Kirk Smith says:

Hope they calm down and make peace… it's really turn up out there… unity

md zaid says:

India shouldn't had rejected the report.

A. H. says:

Wait and see India will very soon eliminat Garbage called Pakistan. A deep, secret preparation is going on war footing level to destroy Pakistan Army, ISI & its masters.


Everything you see in this video is Indian occupied Kashmir , Aljazeera why r u afraid of Pointing it out its India At Fault.
Kashmir in Pakistan are at peace & loving it

Imran Hayat says:

Thanks Ala jazeera for highlighting the kashmir issue .

Man Called Smithy says:

Pakistan accepts the enquiry while India rejects it you can easily see which country has crimes to hide

Umer Zahid says:

I am a Muslim and I hate my religion and Pakistan. Too much Bachcha Baazi here

Rehan Rehan says:

India knows it has committed crimes in KASHMIR that's why they are rejecting this report.

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