AMAZING! Trump Showed Kim Jong-Un Powerful Video Promising “A New World”

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Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, President Donald J. Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore Tuesday for historic peace talks. During their meetings President Trump showed the North Korean leader a video promising “a new world.”

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Dave Jones says:

"It showed…..bla bla bla…" jesus Gary.

Tom Haflinger says:

Wha…. you do reruns now? You're a news channel!

All Senses Firing says:

That video almost made me cry!!!

Jody Crispin says:

Asses!!!!!!! Blocking this lying channel!!!

Kyle Acunia says:

…and didn't show it

Tom T says:

FYI and a question the four-minute video has been removed from your news cast, the question is why and who?

VekL says:

Where's the video?

Richard Young says:

Gary, you couldn’t have just played the damn video?

Mister T. says:

Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ, FRANCHI ➡ Where's the G/d video at ?

Shane Stephen says:

Your nothing more than another puppet that would sell your soul for dollars. Your not alternative media by any means your weak and your a salesman.

Harry Husted says:

Gary, where's the video?

Irene HO Ho says:

Trump is CHOSEN BY GOD !!!!

Mister T. says:

Burn CNN to the ground

Cc cC says:

thumbs down to no video!

stop button says:

Sure glad Bush or Hillary couldn't win cuz the only video Kim would see is of the One World Order

tiger Mike&jen says:

Where is the fucking video im off

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