BREAKING: After Rosenstein THREATENS Congress, Deep State Rat Jeff Sessions Does the UNFORGIVABLE

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Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, Attorney General Jeff Sessions joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the shocking revelation today that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened members of Congress.

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RJE says:

Really? If he threatened then is that terrorism? Fire him and Sessions if true!

Blue Skies 365 says:

The POTUS is going to drop the hammer-watch and see!  He's had it with these clowns.

Geo Thomas says:

Sessions is always kissing Rosensrein's ass. He praises him every chance he gets.

will friar says:


WarlockCore says:

Been saying for a while that the lying Twitchy little weasel Jeff Sessions needs to be fired and impeached as does Rosenstein, they should never be allowed to hold any public office again, the ridiculous notion of one investigating themselves is just idiotic, if that same practice was put into play say like in a murder case do you really believe the murderer would find himself or herself guilty, pure idiocy going on, just saying

Tom Houston says:

Both of you are fired….He was not there how would he know. Oh just trust us.

Ron Gruber says:

Sessions come out this morning and said there are more firings at the doj let's hope he's one of them. I pulled for him in the beginning but he has done nothing except prove he is nothing but a swamp monster like the rest of them. If he was worth his salt we wouldn't be putting up with this and all of these clowns would have been down the road months ago

Eugene Montgomery says:

I can't even stand to hear the man talk he puts me to sleep he's just as crooked as all the other swamp rats

Aussie downunder says:

President Trump has now got two agendas out of his way this week, The G7, North Korea, and now he can start on the alphabet soup agencies. Good week, Mr Trump.

Brett Nortje says:

Slowwalking is progress – after a fashion. Sessions must GO!

Marc Langevin says:

Spoken like a true no chin spineless , mealy mouthed ballless political hack. Resign now ! It would be in youyr best interest !

Lloyd says:

Hey that's good they want to deny Rosentein threatened to subpoena the staff so now if they do it will prove they were lying.

Kim Coughlin says:

The photo says it all both deep state weasels…do they honestly think they are going to win omg what dickheads

Michael Pratt says:

Blah blah blah BULL-SHIT
BULL-SHIT Blah blah blah. This no huevos JACKASS needs to practice what he preaches instead of treating us like mushrooms. Better yet FIRE THE PRICK!!!! Put someone in his place that will not only restore Justice but restore our faith Injustice

Brian Morales says:

FUCKING traitor BITCHS we need to FUCK up these Deep state assholes!!!

Merlin Krisp says:

Trump needs to start draining the swamp. So fare nothing has changed at all, other than the public learning just how corrupt the system is nothing has changed? Nobody has been help accountable

American Girl says:

Close your eyes and listen to Jeff Sessions. Is it just me….. or do you hear Mr. Magoo also?

Sweetteawillie says:

Sessions sounds like he's been awol.
If this is intentional, not good.
If this is to throw the criminals off track to get the goods for a slam dunk prosecution, I can understand that.

Mark Czaja says:

You are accountable to the American people jeff

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