BREAKING: Crooked Cop McCabe STRIKES BACK! Look What he just Did to the FBI and DOJ!!!

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, Former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe filed a lawsuit against the DOJ, Inspector General and FBI Tuesday over his firing.

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Jim Bàrn says:

Everybody is holding too much stock in this IG report you have to remember that I G was one of Obama's monkeys and you know damn well Rosenstein and Mueller has already stop peeing on stuff and redacted at least 75% of this report it's already leaked out that they whitewashed call me on this report the only things come turn this stuff around and I'm afraid that say this but it's true America is going to have to revolt against their government and take back our country

Rodney Armstrong says:

Mc Cabe is going to testify and help bring down the crooked FBI. He might be a crook but he will testify and help bring down the FBI swamp.

Akl Bluefire says:

Put them in jail already

Karen Lind says:

He is just a corrupt as the rest of the Obama – Clinton gang. Such a lair.

Ron Gruber says:

What judge in their right mind would even take this? You don't have a contract you're right to work which means you can be fired in any time for being a slacker do you not realize Trump signed out already? McCabe would do better off cya if he went ahead and rolled on his co-conspirators

James Smith says:

McCabe is just trying to find out what all they have on him. You don't ask for immunity to testify otherwise .

Eugene Montgomery says:

I never trusted that crook either he's in bed with Obama and the clintons and all the other swamp rats

Bub_ Lite_63 says:

HEY MACABE! Stick your head up your ass and blow! Idiot.

Lepton2012 says:

Really?! He's a back stabber and a liar. The Left is a ship on fire…lol

Mr Wonderful says:

Cocksucker should be in prison

Michael Pratt says:

Well duh…. Part of the evidence vindicating and justifying his firing is part if the evidence of illegal activity, corruption and cover up case for criminal prosecution. Your GUILTY "GTFOI"!!!!

Matt Schimmel says:

Awww little Andy doesn’t like being fired and having his name dragged through the mud? Hahahaha karma is so SWEET! Lying little pissant! He ruined an excellent woman’s career simply because he didn’t like her and she was stealing the spotlight from weak little man Andy. Flynn stood up for her like a gentleman and pointed out all the excellent reviews she had received over the past 15 years in counter terrorism from numerous bosses! This made little Andy hold a giant grudge against Flynn and this is why flynn was charged with lying to the fbi even though those who questioned Flynn said he was telling the truth. He had no choice but to plead guilty , he went bankrupt and his family was getting death threats from violent trash libturds. And Because Andy is a piece of trash!
You deserve everything that happens to you mcabe you crooked piece of filth! Hope the bribes from Hillary were worth it

Dadtron09 Tron says:

DOJ=Department of Jive.

The,Awakened Christian says:

Neocons jew looking black with white hair big nose ass hole filled lawsuit against his own kind really? all of DOJ and CIA clowns FBI even DEA agents working together with Rockefeller and George soro's koch brothers and Rothschilds… come on Christian citizens neocons false Jewish cult empire destroying America in charge of the private federal reserve and IRS .. its like zombie Christian fever here in America.

Emanuel Irfan says:

McCabe is a damn fool.

Jason Palacios says:

The swamp are eating their own.

Anna Harasym says:

In my opinion weasel McCabe looks like he could get postal For a little POS he thinks she's got big balls. What kind of unbalanced at the little Wiggly body yuck yuck

Mariann Rodriguez says:

McCabe better start getting used to SODOMY!

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