BREAKING: He’s Coming to America! Kim Jong Un Accepts President Trump’s Invitation!

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Jean D says:

KJU will be inspired once he sees everything his people can have if he gives up his evil ways. God bless the POTUS. Making America Greater every single day.

CathyAnn says:

President Trump is the greatest president the US has ever had!

Mike M says:

Don't think that's a good idea deep state might try to kill him to start world war


Who was it that said, "The Left Will Destroy It's Self" So true. Right before our very eyes. Would anyone like to throw them a life line?

GunsGames&Gadgets Channel says:

How can the white man tell NK what they can and cannot do?

Jerry White says:

Hopefully Kim Can do good things for His People.

Bob Winters says:

Great speech Gary. Best in a while

Rodney Armstrong says:

Just like the Bible says all criminal nation's are going to subdued to Cyrus Mr President Donald J Trump. Everything that is going on is in the Bible, all of God's true CHRISTIAN'S no what's going to happen while Cyrus is here and what's too come after Cyrus. While Cyrus is here you better start using your extra money to prepare for the dark age it's going to get really bad after Cyrus. Babalon is going to fall and America is babalon. The only way through the bad times to come is through Faith and being prepared the exact words from the Bible. Everything happens twice. After America falls it's going to get truly bad for the black people because they are going to be back into slavery again. Remember it was America who gave them freedom once America has fallen the world is going to put them back in to slavery.

Karen Wellington says:

You can't help others if you yourself need help.

Ron Christopher says:

God bless the North Korean people long time coming!!!! TRUMP 2020 KAG get on board this TRAIN BITCHS TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP

Norm says:

It would be amazing and absolutely fantastically wonderful to see Korea reunited and a single nation again. It was amazing when the Berlin wall came down and Germany was reunited. President Trump is great.

Lee Gray says:

Kim just wants a piece of the South Korean pie , the only way to get it is to become involved with the rest of the planet , its actually a win win for everyone !

Ron Gruber says:

What amazes me about this is how apoplectic the left has been here. Obama could have done this at any time but he was busy sucking ass with the Cubans. And we put that to bed finally too and that appears to be working in our advantage as well.

Travis Dockery says:

Do people not understand that Kim is not a politician. And trying to be political with him won't work. Corner and negotiate! Thank you President Trump for the new status quoe. Too bad Quadaffi didn't get a deal like that. Look out Iran!!!!!

Renee Palmer says:

YEA' …….. this is a good thing, and hopefully we can welcome other countries !!

Andrew Ness says:

I cant imagine that Kim enjoys what he does to his people. I mean look at the state of NK. Its bankrupt and his people are dying. How is he supposed to help his people with no cash flow, he cant. This is the first step to restoring NK's economy and hopefully giving livelihood to his people. He has a chance to be the person that brought NK out of the dark ages and into prosperity.

Trinity Meadows says:

And when he comes, that will be yet another historic moment made by our GREAT PRESIDENT!!!

Doku HL SD says:

This is amazing! Good job Mr President!

Stephen Receveur says:

Trump is fixing the problems of the rest of the idoits have left nor wanted too deal with trump 2020

sellarsrandall says:

When Dennis Rodman came back to the states after spending a great deal of time with Kim, he tried to tell Obama that Kim was looking for peace and Rodman said that Obama turned his nose up at Dennis and wouldn't even give him the time of day to listen back then and possibly end this then. Instead Obama and his cronies wanted it to stay status quo, and let things escalate to what they did putting us all at risk of nuclear war from the North.

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