BREAKING: Mueller Pulls DIRTY TRICK on Defendants in Russian Trolls Case

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alan wilkinson says:

Uranium one

Debra Bertelli says:

There are no 13 Russians. he and the DNC made that up to justify continuing their bulshit investigation.

Nanuck54 says:

Fire them ALL

Ron Gruber says:

Can't do it what is US law based on you get to face your accuser you get to see the evidence. If we're going to push us law to every other country it applies here. Mother has also requested 150 blank subpoenas. Mower has left the rails people it wasn't bad enough you violated the law he has gone totally insane now

James Smith says:

Very Telling when The Special Counsel leader name appears it more often than not has Dirty attached to it ? !

Brett Nortje says:

Gone off Hannity a bit because of that. My pitbull isn't allowed to misbehave like that.

Brett Nortje says:

Great. Please annoy Judge Ellis again.

MrMadmanUSA says:

I’m sorry but the defendant always has the right to view the evidence against them. Law 101.

hillberg100 says:

Illegal  Unconstitutional criminal.   Bury this bastard with his own treasonous acts.

Robert Suhrer says:

Fire this waste of time Obama holdover and others after the red tsunami in Nov.
Mueller then can go to Hollywood and join De Niro to star in a horror flick called, 'We're F*&(ked'…

workingmansdead 44 says:

i am so sick of hearing this russian shit there ought to be a law against it.all involved including hillary and the dick head media mouths ,senators and congress people need a punch in the face and a kick in the ass right into a fucking gas chamber,shut'em the fuck up once and for all.

The Grateful Brad says:

His dad was a Nazi.

James Swing says:

Just because they arent from this country they still should have the access to what evidence they have againt them.

John Walker says:

Its a ploy, cuz he has NO evidence!

mike mathews says:

Muellers law team thought the Russian would not show up and they did.Then they asked for Discovery from Mueller and he panicked because he has NOTHING ON THEM!!!

Jack ofalltrades says:

He is not allowing the accused to see what they are being accused of, how can they mount a defense? That breaks the foundation of laws and the court.

Dale La Force says:

Why hasn't his license been pulled and this criminal been put in jail, for contempt? If it was one of us, we would already be in lockup. Swamp leaches protecting swamp leaches!


Why is everyone afraid of this monster

L Russell says:


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