BREAKING NEWS Out Of China! US Urged Australia To Challenge Beijing in the South China Sea

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✅ Top Stories Today -BREAKING NEWS Out Of China! The United States has told Australia in the clearest terms yet that it would like Australia to participate in naval and air shows of strength that challenge China’s claim over artificial islands.
The commander of US Marines in the Pacific, Lieutenant General David Berger, said during a visit to Canberra on Friday that each country had to make its own decisions but the US would “absolutely” welcome Australia taking part in so-called freedom-of-navigation operations.
The US has lately signalled it plans to step up its own operations in the contested South China Sea to demonstrate to Beijing that its claims over waters around man-made islands are illegitimate.
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Timothy YA says:

Japan knows where its oil comes from, so this will start a war.

Steve Rhodes says:

The US knows Australia is incapable of thinking for itself .

两岸和平统一工作人员! says:

I will make a $5 donation to the family of the person on that boat fired the first shot. He/her might triggered ww3.

Warren Bonesteel says:

We couldn't – or wouldn't – control piracy in The Spratly Islands.

Now, that China is doing the job, we're pissed??? /smh.

Effective control by China? How many US bases and facilities are in the region, from Japan to South Korea to the Philippines??? 400?

Richard Teh says:

Finally Australia is willing to figth and die for the United snake of America, philippine are cowards when the America ask them to fight against China to prove Australian are brave enough they will prove it by going to war with China so that Americans will clap cheering them on supplying guns and weapons to fight to the end they were once victims themselves from WW2

pearlgarden29 says:

What “ball’s”?? still growing them now!

s c says:

It has nothing to do with freedom of navigation. Display of military warships is outright coercion and intimidation. It has nothing to do with trade or commerce!

Veer Bhadra says:

Where the fuck India is hiding

Roslee Md says:

US has no ball to attack China, they shown their power only to weak countries

King Lay says:

Australia government have a choice: Wants better economy, OR be a puppy for other.Can't have both at the same time,What do you say?

legal eagle says:

China is now war ready , we have billions of advance human killing weapons and lots of money from recent one belt one road harvest from poor countries. Small idiots countries we are coming to settle scores. China go go go. China kill kill kill. I love china. Long lived china. Australian people get ready to die .

rajendra kumar says:

Chinese are all liars and cheaters , just bomb the islands and see those Chinese run like rats

Christine Langley says:

The US bullies are saying it's Australia's decision?!
Australia should tell the US to fuck off!
Trump has been trying to stuff up relations with China and Australia!
Trump said " it's funny how Australia is ripping off China" awhile back, obviously it was a lie!
When he said that l thought what a DOG!
If we take notice of the US we are flushing yourselves down the same toilet as they are!

nickvj030 says:

USA CAN GO AND GET FUCKED… Australia has a good relationship and a massive trade CHINA. so why would australia put his economy at risk just because this messed up CUNT TRUMP asks oz to retaliate against China?… if the fucking yanks are looking for trouble against CHINA it is their own problem.

Some person who likes AOTsasageyo says:

these Island it look belonging to the Philippine look how Philippine broken apart long ago something hits the worlds and some country broken pieces.

Cash Cash says:

those sneaky americunts wants to use Australia to attack China? What else is new with those americunt idiots. All they do is shit disturb around world about China but actually they are the ones who likes to bullied these weaker countries, acting like they are the big shot! Don't fall for these americunt bastards they are trying to use and abuse.

Wayne ma says:

Go ahead just sail around, there is nothing they could do to dislodge the Chinese.

Vicki Chavez says:

China needs to obey international law

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