BUSTED!! Hillary Slips In Public Again And Didn’t Realize She Exposed Her HUGE Lie, Too Late Now!

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BUSTED!! Hillary Slips In Public Again And Didn’t Realize She Exposed Her HUGE Lie, Too Late Now!
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► BUSTED!! Hillary Slips In Public Again And Didn’t Realize She Exposed Her HUGE Lie, Too Late Now! youtu.be/IGA9HySp8YY

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BUSTED!! Hillary Slips In Public Again And Didn’t Realize She Exposed Her HUGE Lie, Too Late Now! youtu.be/IGA9HySp8YY

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Randall Lannon says:

Super skank serial killer and stinky poo

Margaret deVries says:

Why is it that those with security guards and safe homes want gun patrol ?

M14 SMK says:

Can you say NIGGER??????
Sure,I knew you could!

Ra L says:

…..Hill. fall. Down. & Go. …boom. again..
Sad ,, no. one cares !!.

JINX says:

HRC is a DISGRACE, hypocrite, lying criminal. against gun laws, LOL! why does she have armed bodyguards? and she says she's anti guns! keep lying hillary! Lock her up!

Pedro Motuco says:

The reason the deep state and swamp people are so mad it's because Hillary as a President was the one President who was going to take our guns away. The deep State promise her the presidency in exchange for that particular mission to be completed. The globalist agenda knows that they can't take over the world in just one Presidency so they have being electing they chosen President as long as they complete one more piece of the puzzle gaining ground with each to complete their goal. That is why Hillary was not even trying to work for the presidency they had already promise she was going to be the next president.

But, they miscalculated, they never thought this outsider named Trump was going to beat her, she thought she was lovable and she thought that just because she was a woman, Well, You Know.!!! I mean they had already elected a black man to the presidency, which not too long ago that was unreal to think something like that to happen. So, why not now a woman, and after, maybe a pedophile, and they just will keep going lower and lower. Who cares as long as that particular president succeeded placing the next piece of the puzzle, why not??

Now, they are still at it, trying to beat one man. Maybe is just one man, but you know there are some divine intervention once in a while here on Earth. Who knows, but if he does gets divine help, furgget about it.!!!!!

Elizabeth Andrew says:

Look I'm pretty sure the Democrats are the ones that set up these shootings. They find emotionally unstable students, they have handlers looking for them in the schools! They have it all set up. The Democrats want to make us defenseless. They won't stop at anything, Even shooting innocent kids! There is a line of dead people who tried to expose them and uncover their filthy crimes. They end up dead committing suicide or running their car into a tree!. These Democrats are evil people my friends they are not the same party of 200 years ago. And so many dumb Americans just can't figure it out!

davedalessandro8189 Dalessandro says:

You all do know these channels are put up by billionaires and Republican donors just to keep you focused on Hillary while they robbed us blind today after they cut consumer protections and Dodd-Frank the banks had a record 58 trillion-dollar profit the same Banks the Trump said Hillary would help oh yes and gasoline is now $5 a gallon keep voting them fuckin Republican idiots into office and nobody will get ahead accept them!

Kathie Logan says:

40 year criminal Hillary Clinton should have been in prison in a long time ago! Her name should never have been on the presidential ballot!

Prisoner Zero says:

Because of the 2nd Amendment, the Innocent Adult and child victims at Waco were able to hold off Militarized ATF from February 23, 1993 until they were burned out on April 19th 1993.

Polijuana Cracker says:

One foot in the grave the other on a banana peel.

SBn49 AJC says:

Give it up … you've become more sickening since losing the election. Will you shut up and go home?

David Johnson says:

Oh yes, hillary and whats left of the rank and file swamp dwellers are the best thing thats happened to the Republican party, from listening to looser hillary, to the dems combing out and saying, their going to raise TAXES to pay for their PORK ! How sick and Pathetic they are.

Nancy Rocks says:

Bulk. So tired of the sicko Hillary. She is so violent vile and evil. She has no right being morally righteous about anyone. Who does she think she is. God. I think so and she is really a devil.

Debbie Bassett says:

Not only is she a criminal she’s a dumbassed criminal at best!

Paul Pellerin says:

Take our guns then sell them to drug cartels or just feel safer so we dont shoot her ass fast and furious mabe to help the natzis with agenda21 guess we never stopped them

Paula Watts says:

How is she allowed to say anything about anything right now in public? I don't want to belittle the sad horrible reality of the Santa Fa shooting. But why isn't she in jail??

Brian Dunn says:

Go away kilary you POS!

Lee Fisher. Styrene Marine says:

You can't fix stupid

Steven Acord says:

She's the one why kids do this crap she's the one that hope take GOD. Out of schools when you raised your kids without God this stuff going to happen

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