Harry’s Furious At Meghan After Trump-Hating Bishop Embarrasses Queen At Wedding

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Harry’s Furious At Meghan After Trump-Hating Bishop Embarrasses Queen At Wedding
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Harry’s Furious At Meghan After Trump-Hating Bishop Embarrasses Queen At Wedding :youtu.be/O6FiZWCZzws

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Katie Hawkridge says:

How's it Meghans fault?? What part of it was her doing?

Stephanie Whitaker says:

The word is CHRISTIAN not Christain

Cynthia Wright says:

Gullible people. Like Prince Harry actually called this guy.

Cynthia Wright says:

Who told you this. LIAR! WHERE IS YOUR PROOF?

Joanne Austin says:

Omg! I knew something was wrong with the Bishops preaching! Felt bad for Harry as he sat there. He looked upset. Oh well time will tell all what will be!!!

Mike Evans says:

interesting didn't know the priest was such a tool bag, first time seeing him was this wedding, not impressed, either

Rhonnie C says:

The only one Megan markle loves is herself. She is a snake of the worst kind and if the Royal family is smart, she will disappear.

John Willetts says:

As a English male and an atheist (in common with most Brits) I was not planning to watch the wedding. But glad I did. Loved Bishop Curry. He brought a touch of alternative culture. Don’t try to guess what others thought. The queen has a fantastic sense of fun. If you don’t want him, send him over here.

Jennie Walsh says:

Sorting out the truth from the deceptions is becoming more and more complicated because they are being constantly intertwined. Pray for DIVINE DISCERNMENT to recognize truth from lies, wisdom from foolishness, right from wrong, good from evil.

Teresa IrelandTerry Ireland says:

William and Harry looked great.

Donald Smith says:

Turns out that "Supposed Prince Harry of England (?), Is Only A Prince of EVIL"!!! His IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY to pick a 'Wife Subject of Pedophile Swarming Hollywood" is Undoubtedly the most "Stupid
Act" Prince Harry has ever accomplished to date; so goes Prince Harry's Thinking With His Little Head as Opposed to a "Normal Thought Process"!!!

Brenda Joyner says:

If u know the bible and what jesus went through to save us.Jesus had love for everybody.But now when you let money cloud you then u start

lucy bond says:

He was a total embarrassment and acted like a bafoon.

patricia belgrave says:

That's Hollywood, deal with it.

Jennifer Yearwood says:



I think the wedding was at first it was a public criticism to the human race I do not think being black she should have been in Palace and because she made a devout goal to make him marry her by saying she was pregnant and it's not even his baby I think she should have never been allowed to marry him then they should have never taken place the baby's not even his

Marie Tajalle says:

She will never learn. Feeling sorry for Prince Harry.

Frances Robertson says:

She has some twig legs with no shape

John Hansel says:

Well I'm going to have people hate me and don't really give a s*** that's what you get when you marry a w**

Lizabeth Forbess says:

I call bullshit. The Royals could care less about Drump.

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