HOLY CRAP! Stephen Colbert Just DEFENDED President Trump’s NK Meeting To MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

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Mike Brest for the Daily Caller reports, CBS “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert defended President Donald Trump’s efforts to achieve nuclear disarmament with North Korea during an conversation with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Monday night.

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monanwright says:

Chris Matthews is an idiot

Jean D says:

It's sickening that the left want the President of THEIR country to fail. I guess they're to stupid to comprehend how failure will effect them.

cyberflea30 says:

The left up in arms when Trump talks tough…the gets up in arms when Trump is nice. I don't care how badly you hate President Trump, if the man can negotiate a deal that if nothing else ends Korea nuke program then he does in fact deserve praise

Luke Jackson Jackson says:

news media i don't think so more like demon hit squads especially the CNN variety

Aaron Irby says:

Maybe he noticed a lot of lost viewership.

Colleen Beavers says:

This is a miracle!!! Yes they will pray that people get more love in their heart. God Bless our beloved President Trump!!!!

Blue Wing says:

See i said, our president trump is the only one who can get the job done. All others were just rats. Which only care for themselves and not the people. So if someone makes a good comment about our president we need to run with it.

Donald Parker says:

Well, even a broke clock is right twice a day.

Its a Rome Thing Everyday says:

God bless President Trump

MegaMaximus333 says:

Wow, just, wow….

Mark Breitkreuz says:

Just because it doesn’t smell as bad today as usual, it still smells.
Colbert is a fraud!!!

Wilfredo Dizon says:

Chris Mathews made a blanket statement about all North Koreans but yet is the same moron who got his panties in a bunch over Trumps "animals" remark concerning MS-13? Hypocritical overaged soy boy!

ChantYip says:

Colbert is just making a joke. The guy has no brain to think beyond his nose.

bad ape says:

Holy crap is right!

Tom Haflinger says:

The only thing less likely would be if the Next News Network said something critical of Trump. Ever.

bigtom 714 says:

Colbert is just a liberal turd hillary worshiper and obama follower that's looking for better ratings. End of story.

whatever3210 says:

Colbert can suck a fat one. Never trust the hate night comedians, Hollyweirdos, msm tools, or pretty much any useful idiot on the propaganda tube. But, I think you all know better anyway.

berni oakes says:

The more they undermine POTUS the more he soars.

Kim O says:

It’s funny how the Democrats from the beginning said it wouldn’t work but they’ve been proven wrong over and over again

Dumitru Benes says:

theyre just looking to improve their ratings.

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