Scott Pruitt Goes All in For Trump, Hails EPA Progress Under Donald’s Leadership

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Jason Hopkins for the Western Journal reports, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt touted his agency’s achievements of the past year and a half, and pushed back against the recent barrage of criticism leveled at him.

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BeardedBarley1 says:

Wow, I sure do like this guy. He actually seems like one of us instead of like the other braindead zombie msm and appointments and politicians in Washington D.C. He is very articulate, intelligent, level headed, and quite the mover and shaker. I love it! I am so there for all the changes he has made. He is so far it seems to me one of President Trump's greatest crowning achievements. It is so wise of President Trump to be giving his ear to this guy. Wonderful! Praise Jesus!

Ron Gruber says:

The left-wing has been attacking this guy for everything from the shoes he wears to the shielded phone booth he had put in his office. I kind of understand that especially with what we've seen from the swamp creatures in Washington. What they haven't told you is what Gina McCarthy the former EPA had was spending and doing. You might want to get a gander at what that gal was up to

Eugene Montgomery says:

He's just telling the truth finally

Deplorable Whiteman says:

Have you seen the google ads from greenpeace on youtube about pruitt? It is quite offensive to me as im sure if youve seen it youll be offended too…fuck greenpeace

dominick says:

Scott Pruitt-SWAMP KING!!…..,.. Scottie Corruption …..Swampyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Richard Herrman AB- says:

Why can't Trump do something about the chemtrails.! He is our president he should know what's going on in report to the people. On what is going on and what the purpose is. There's aluminum and barium and other metals and Properties phone from the sky. Why won't they give us answers there's other important things that people want to know. It's our health and our lives that's important

UltraGoldCoin says:

Scott Pruitt is garbage, but I do respect Trump

American Girl says:

Notice the EPA has not set any ranchers land on fire or poisoned any rivers/drinking water under Trump? It's amazing what a little supervision will do.

Micah Mitchell says:

Basing adminstrative action on constitutionally legislated policy- wow what a novel concept!

Tanya De Beer says:

Nothing on Tommy! Can people who are on twitter send tweets to Trump asking him to say SOMETHING???
None of the rest of this news matters as long as even ONE person is imprisoned for political reasons. There are many more. Britain is a POLICE STATE.

Pamela E says:

Still need to get the flouride out of our water. There is plenty of proof that it is dangerous.

mary burke says:

there should be a heck of a lot more people giving credit so Donald Trump for his leadership

Raven Rock67 says:

Hey, bring back that Lady you had.

Tom Haflinger says:

Where in all of this does he explain how any of the EPA rollbacks are good?

Caffine addict says:

Bet AL Gorey got his panties in a bunch.

mason yahn says:

Great going Scott president Trump will really get our industry rolling !!! MAGA MAGA MAGA

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