Trump Has HAD it! Sarah Sanders Announces They’re ALL Banned From White House Effective NOW!

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Top Stories Today –
Trump Has HAD it! Sarah Sanders Announces They’re ALL Banned From White House Effective NOW!
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► Trump Has HAD it! Sarah Sanders Announces They’re ALL Banned From White House Effective NOW!

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Trump Has HAD it! Sarah Sanders Announces They’re ALL Banned From White House Effective NOW!

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Phillip Wood says:

They don't need their phone, n I hate your sight by by for good

Arun Sampanthavivat says:

Working in the White House is a privilege that they should cast their personal lives aside. It's only briefly during the working hours. In case of emergency, a call center to handle that (like 911) should be provided. Security at the White House must be formally stricter than anywhere else. There are always irresponsible, careless and hatmful people, both within and without, who can cause damages to the administration. This new measure must be effectively immediately. No one should be allowed to demand anything. They must rrmrmber that being allowed in the White House is a great privilege and it is not a total given. No one should take it for granted.

emenot says:

Bring back the pagers!!!

b w n says:

Until people like Obama and Clinton, pelosie ,Reid start being arrested .it will continue….The Liberals ARE the Domestic Terrorist of the world.

Jessica Porter says:

those who appose the ban are more likely to be the one's to leak information but that these idiots can't seem to do their jobs right with out interrupting their work witch shows they must not really want they're jobs.

Sheryl Schroer says:

They are at work…personal phone calls should not be received or made during work hours, its work!! No need for personal device while working hours inside the white house. You are working in the white house of the u.s. if family doesn't understand no personal communication during work hours at the white house. … Stop complaining.. Maybe wasting tax payer money worrying about how to communicate for personal reasons..

Rkk O'Tilley says:

only wanted to stop here and campaign for Sarah Sanders and Dana Loesch for Pres an VP in 2024

C Jacob says:

GO SARAH SANDERS!!! President Trump says no device's, it applied to all!!!
MSM wetting there's panties!

Duchess Rebekka says:

It really irks me that staff complain about things such as not being able to text family or check personal email msgs on their approved White House phones during their workday hours. Have they all forgotten that they are at work & shouldn't be conducting personal business unless on approved breaks & lunch hour? Why should they use govt working hours to do personal business? Why should we the taxpayers be paying them for this?

Jane Reynolds says:

Old old old

ronald welch says:

Love my President and First Lady, Sarah,Barron, Liz, Hannah, Dr Phil,Judge Judy, Savage, Rush, Mr Trump,

JOEY Butler says:

It should be no electronics device at all!!!!! Only government special person can!!!! No news media specially Fox,CNN,ABC, Democrats media news ever!!!!! Trump should create he's own media NEWS!!!!!! Only those media go on live!!!!!

Maryann Mack says:

They must take measures that meet the correct security needs. We can’t be messing around with this important issue and correct measures must be put in place, They can work out the kinks but security is most important.

White Wolf says:


Sharon Watson says:

This is not news. There should never be personal cell phones and devices allowed in the White House. Big security risk. This book was nothing but tabloid trash.

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