This Is Not a Joke

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Mark Seveland says:

I guess they never heard that 'imitation is the greatest form of flattery'.

James Manx says:

So… British black woman is going to tell us about American Black culture. Gtfoh

zomg222 says:

Never knew memes were sentient and could talk and had to work.

Elayne Jones says:

Can black people use white reaction gifs?????

PSGamer says:

TBH I use black emoji's all the time lol

PSGamer says:

"You went full retard. Never go full retard son!"

Jason C says:

have faith men. this will all be over in november.

Michael Randolf says:

Mark!! This is from Aug 2, 2017

Etern4l says:

Hm, I wonder how 4chan is going to take this.

Christof L says:

I never used a black reactionary GIF before but I will now.

Nickallsopp92 says:

That's it! I need to start collecting these gifs and am gonna start using them more and more!

pleasebringmeback says:

This has gotten wayyyy out of hand…

Michael Randolf says:

WTF? It could be Will Ferrel or Kevin Hart….makes no difference to me. They're both funny as hell. When the revolution comes (thanks to the Great Divider, Obama), the Right will have firearms. The left will be peeing their pants two-fold . 1) They're afraid of guns 2) They won't know which bathroom to run to!

saygoodbyetoprivacy says:

I have a new hobby.

Ian Fenn says:

The BBC…… do they know what that stands for in the porn world…. should they be using that any more ?? It could be offensive to black porn fans.

George Ayman says:

human evolution 101

step one: face dangerous and challenging situations.
step two: weaker and not-able-to-survive type will die off first.
step three: stronger, smarter type survives…

googles how to make apocalypse

Exalted Exile says:

Can they just make a list of things that aren't racist? It will be shorter.

John Cundiss says:

Where is the "Kiss my Ass" emoji?

GoPro Dog says:

If you use white people for such purposes, the very same apes will tell you that you are racist and check your privilege.

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