Angry Woman INSULTS Milo Yiannopoulos, Watch How He Responds

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Watch Milo yiannopoulos take down angry woman in heated exchange live on air.


Donna Demling says:

He punches up good for him

Chris Saldana says:

You can agree to disagree but the fact remains this is a very astute and well versed infant and I say that with all homage we listen to him on a regular basis because it's so adverse and so interesting at all points I applaud his obvious intellect and information both biblical and along the lines of leftist rightist argumentative insights then with all that his flamboyant gay interjection and charisma is undeniably Charming you feel no uncomfortableness around him but you end up cheering him on

5winder says:

Somehow he manages to make already insane people lose their minds.

Saddle Tramp says:

Milo doesn't care, because Milo wouldn't smash.

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