Defending the Divine? Speaking the Truth is a Dangerous Thing to Do in a World Full of Lies…

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Nithyanandam! People who have suspicions against enlightened masters are always looking for ways to poke holes in the experiences and revelations they share. From time immemorial, anyone who has incarnated on this planet to raise the consciousness beyond the status quo has been treated as violent by those who profit by maintaining that status quo… and my Guru, His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda is no exception. His teachings, the way He empowers devotees, and the way He outspokenly takes on industries that damage the planet and the people, has sent off alarm bells to those with a vested interest against His success. But then why, if He is so great, does He need someone like me to make videos defending Him? HE DOESN’T! But with the whole paid media hurling insults and spreading lies, somebody has to tell the truth. Not for the sake of Swamiji, but for the sake of those who are seeking what He has to offer.

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Bluey Krieger says:

Did you get that commercial video in the beginning with that loser "millionaire" and his (high fashion model) friends on a plane?! Swamiji is an idiot.

ondot99 says:

Answered my 100 questions.Thank you!!!!!!!

RoaringMind says:

Swarupapriya, why are you defending Osho? He and the devotees bloody admitted that those things happened! Also, people around the world HAVE heard of Antelope, Oregon, because of Rajneeshpuram. And even if they hadn't, why in the hell does that mean the people's lives don't matter? I'm getting fed up with this deception, you guys have to stop this. If Swarupapriya doesn't listen, I hope at least one of you viewers do. Not everyone who has a peaceful-looking, smiling face is who they say they are. Don't believe this nonsense about Osho, he wasn't a genuine guru.

brkataur says:

Thank you Ma!

Han den Enting says:

What a great video Ma, in the row of Jesus, Ohso, Buddha, Sai Baba I also like to use Socrates and Martin Luther King. Please continue to make these great videos

aj2net says:

Great share!

WookyRider says:

You speak so wisely 🙂 I registrated for Mahasadashivoham in September, im so excited! I feel everything about Swami is true, he is really unique.

Angela Day says:

Micro and macrocosm events are happening at the same time not separate events.

If one watches the world events they see the dictatorships are winning.

What is really happening is dictatorships are being allowed to gain ground so that people can really see what they're all about.

They can see how unfair these lies are to the people that support them. Because your divine teacher pluses human his enemies that was show in the long run. The Photographs Are actually documenting what he did by blessy even his enemies. Later on don't be proof of his works.

The people that are working against some Positive changes Are being allowed to win. so they let their guard down and show their true intentions.

Then the people will see who they really are and reject them just as they will reject the world dictators.

If the People the world don't reject the dictators then will die. Because these close minded people will self destruct and blow us all up with them.

I like your videos even if I don't comment all the time.

good luck to you because now there's a new energy that is shifting things and creating things. The human spirit is waking up because it has no choice

Which is why the dark things are happening to begin with it's forcing us to evolve.



The Fault In Our Stars says:

This is what I was looking for –

In 1969 followers of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi invited Osho to talk to them. This was the first occasion on which Osho addressed a western audience, and the first time he talked publicly at length in English. The discourse has been published in Osho Times International on January 1 & 16, 1991; and February 1, 1991.

Yash says:

Thanks, you made my life easier.
I can quote this video now onwards.

Diana Avina says:

Awesome! Well said¡

The Fault In Our Stars says:

I was looking for something about Maharishi Raman and found this

"…Unexpectedly, a group of devotees sitting on the verandah outside the hall began singing Arunachala-Siva – a bhajan that Maharshi liked very much. He liked that spot, Arunachala, very much; the hill he used to live upon – that hill is called Arunachala. And the bhajan was a praise, a praise for the hill.
On hearing it, Maharshi’s eyes opened and shone. He gave a brief smile of indescribable tenderness. From the outer edges of his eyes tears of bliss rolled down.
Somebody asked him, “Maharshi, are you really leaving us?”
It was hard for him to say, but still he uttered these few words: “They say that I am dying – but I am not going away. Where could I go? I am always here.”
One more breath, and no more. There was no struggle, no spasm, no other sign of death: only that the next breath did not come…."

When I read Arunanchala Shiva I immediately remember this bhajan sung by Swamiji.

Lalit Sonawane says:

Try to read about shiv…. that man is not god nor any incarnation of shiv… Mahadev not explain by any human

Lalit Sonawane says:

Did you not see any videos thats man making u fool

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