Democrats Announce Plan To Block Kavanaugh

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Nancy Pelosi says democrats must win midterms to preserve ‘civilization’, but even with all the propaganda they cannot get their act together. Now democrats have announced their plan to try and block Judge Kavanaugh.

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ThatGuyScott says:

Well the Federal court is still anti American…..where I’m at in Ga

EastCoast Podcast says:

When the left does it it's called resistance. When the right does it it's called obstruction. So sick of this double standard. I could understand these actions if someone was a literally fascist or communist. Trump is so beyond obviously not authoritarian whether you like him or not, it's an obvious fact.

Lee Harvey Oswald says:

Liberal are scared they wont be able to kill babys anymore…..but the state will still allow it.

Stock Footage says:

The moraless democrats thinks . Republicans will manipulate courts and justice like they did

Chile2011 says:

Hey. We should block Kavanaugh

Sheldon Thibault says:

The Russia / Mueller Investigation v. Trump = "Witch Hunt".

Gene Norris says:

Remember the old saying America love it or leave it

Blackbeard Himself says:

I am really liking your tactical beard

Snuggles909 says:

We don't need a conservative we need a country man that respects are rights

Snuggles909 says:

We need some one that respects are constitution and won't violate we the peoples rights

Snuggles909 says:

I hope they do

tinfoilhatter says:

they'd be doin' us a all a favor for once, if they blocked this palooka! obviously it wasn't a serious choice– does trump look stupid to you? no, he knows what he's doin'!

ryan pena says:

Wtf, are they really still running the Russia narrative? Hasn't it already been proven that this whole Russia investigation was just a story made up by FBI agents to directly influence the election and bring down Trump? There are texts proving just that. Why are these people so delusional?

Ry No says:

trump is just using this to get vince foster files unsealed

shannon washburn says:

Oh my God, I thought Id never have to see that atrocity to the art world again. Thanks Alex, I just lost my appetite.

MrGaryg20047 says:

In Cory Booker's district Newark, NJ there are buildings in that city that haven't been torn down or repaired since the 1967 riots

David Vodicka says:

The Borking begins!

Jessica Riley says:

Yeah but when they run to the red they bring their liberal values with them! Which doesn’t make any sense since they are running from liberal cities cause they suck lol

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