Doug Ford strikes deal to oust Hydro One CEO and board

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government has struck a deal to oust Hydro One CEO Mayo Schmidt and the entire board of directors. To read more:

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Mahdi says:


davesmith6661 says:

Nice work Doug Ford.

Don Corleone says:

That's how it's done liberals. This is how an adult takes care of business.

Cyrus R. says:

Forced resignation and retirement isn't enough for those criminals. They need to be behind bars if there is any justice in this world.

Jj Smith says:

Seemed to have cost 450K. Whats not to like?

President of the Internet says:

5.6 million!

Mike McGlock says:

CBC is blown away

couth elle says:

Never again I will vote for a Liberal. Thank you Doug Ford.

Jj Smith says:

Foozzy bear maybe but its a good start

NeoRipshaft says:

I still can't believe this caricature of a conman got elected in Canada.

If you're a supporter of Ford I'm sorry you've been duped, please start writing down on your calendar what changes he makes when he makes them, and set a reminder for… like a year later, and in that reminder write down what the expected benefit of that change is (be specific!).

And in a year or whatever when you get to those days, see how the results compare to the expectations.

Heck, if you even do it once or twice, for things you feel really strong about, you'd have my respect for the effort.

Shawn L says:

A little less stink now coming from the swamp !

Tacy Geneau says:

stupidity who care about Doug ford wait rid him soon

justicewalking says:

But why does the CEO just decide to retire? Was the CEO paid to walk away? I would be very surprised if he just walks away from making 6 million a year without getting anything in return. More info needed here

M. A.A. says:

I bet Ontario walks away from its climate pledges. So buy that big gas guzzler, if u can afford the gas. Burn coal for electricity. Burn baby burn. Blacken the sky with smog. I hope we don’t go that far. Air is not an open sewer.

J OneLife says:

Yeah fire them all!!

richard ramfire says:

So far I donot regret voting for Ford.
I also hope he can stop Trudeau from flooding the province with illegal phony asylum seekers.

wientz says:

Hey CBC… maybe you should tune into City News Toronto. They caught the full speech by Ford.

Pathee Kathiravel says:

When the gas price gona go down ?

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