Hilarious!… When All Else FAILS The Left Decry Trump’s Supreme Nominee BUT HE’S A WHITE MAN

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Randy Brady says:

Oh for fuck sakes people grow up you've had 2 years to prove Trump colluded with Russia to rig the election and "Nothing" absolutely nothing – u guys (news, media) are so fake ….. Try Hillary colluding with Russia or Obama ….. Maybe you'll find something – you media are disgusting

Mel Freitas says:

Shep's butt buddy fudge Nap

CG 3 says:

Napolitano is a FU*KING IDIOT!!

Keith Richard says:

And just like that, illegal immigrant kids in cages is "forgotten." Liberals are idiots.

Johan Kotze says:

It is disgusting how feminists glibly play God over life and death for the sake of lifestyle choices. These same despicable creatures are obviously against the death penalty for child murderers and vile criminals.

enzo fortuna says:

What happened to the poor kids,they don't give a shit about kids,libtards will protest if trump gave everyone a house,they would complain there's only 2 bathrooms

Maverick Bristoñ says:

they are all idiots and real morons these lefties. Go live and die

Paul Taspan says:

nap has porcupine hair-do, also a secret democrat.

MegaSkilla says:

The left believes motherhood is a death sentence.

Richard G says:

Wow a Catholic just like JFK? The libs would prefer a Muslim? What has happened?

Rob M says:

Kids who throw tantrums when they don't get their way eventually stop whining if you just ignore them. Why do you people keep insisting on giving liberals so much attn? Take away the attention and youll take away their their voice. What could they possibly accomplish if they were not in the spotlight. The fact that their in the spotlight and still manage to accomplish nothing reveals this

Falkwulf says:

Can the libtards not wrap their brains around the fact Kavanaugh did work for Ken Star, They nailed CLINTON DEAD TO RIGHT when he lied to congress. Star and Kavanaugh both learned for a FACT that a president couldnt be removed from office even when the president commits PERJURY. So when he applies what he learned in that CASE and writes about it hes BAD…. Leftists forget History and precedence when it wont fit their narrative.

Shannon Davis says:

The Supreme Court said slavery was legal. It also said prohibition and segregation was legal. What would happen if Napolitano’s view of the court were actually the way that the courts worked? If no Supreme Court decision were allowed to be challenged? Slavery and segregation would still be a RIGHT! We wouldn’t even be allowed to drink the headaches away.

Action Zach says:

Fuck that guy in the middle. Bitch.

Action Zach says:

Fuck that guy in the middle. Bitch.

john Thomas says:

hahahha CNN are so fucked up.

D Villanueva says:

Abolish dems the dems showed hitler how to be and the dems started the KKK..kkk covered their faces and antifa covers their faces

D Villanueva says:

If he changes the baby killing law wouldn’t he be saving millions of lives?

Beverly Poehlman says:

Everytime these liberal demoncrats say anything I want to throw up…I can't stand hearing them…fear mongering liars…propaganda and distortion of truth…abortion is whlosale sacrifice…it's brutal…and it's not birthcontrol…it's dangerous and the devil's want to keep killing and making money from it …why not show the public what an abortion looks like…how it's done…there are videos…I studied this long ago…I was pro abortion then learned what it really is…it's evil…there is a morning after pill…we need to get safe alternative to unplanned pregnancy…you can't make sex go away….education is important …women used to use herbs …

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