Meet The Liberal First Amendment Lawyer That Now Supports Trump

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Marc Randazza joins Alex Jones live in studio to discuss his transformation from a level-headed liberal who voted for the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, to a supporter of the President.

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Patrik Archy says:

I like this guy.

keith wyatt says:

and in doing so, you are leading others astray

keith wyatt says:

you only see what you want to see.

keith wyatt says:

your pride in what you think you know will be your downfall

keith wyatt says:

you really have no idea what you are talking about Alex.

Wayne Foxton says:

It’s good to see your subscribers going up brother

Morgan Casterline says:

Just got some super blue excited to try it

James Milione says:

Maybe Kennedy agreed to retire NOW, with a stipulation that his man takes his place. Maybe President Trump wants to make sure he has a judge on the bench that will give him a fair hearing should the worst happen and he find himself embroiled in the Demoncrats impeachment snare? Maybe he is not all that confident that the Republicans will maintain numerical superiority in Congress, in the upcoming November elections? Maybe he is hedging himself in case he is facing a demonic stacked legislature and him with 2 years left in his term?

Speak Friend And Enter says:

Outcome of what?

ronald welch says:

Who is Gary Johnson

Rebecca Silva says:

Trump did not start the trade war.

ronald welch says:

Thumbs down is from illegals and Dems, and useless Omama

RedSkaal says:

Never forget this: Trump said in Montana that everyone wants to rush everything, but if we rush the turkey, it will ruin Thanksgiving. Don't try to rush him, he has a plan.

RedSkaal says:

Gary Johnson was clueless but still better than Hillary the vile pig-demoness.

Jojo Crazy Cat says:

Alex's beard is still epic.

Victor Rosa says:

The outcome will be good. The question is, whether or not "we" , "the people" have the stomach to endure the bitter medicine that is coming our way as we work towards that "outcome".

Jared Bennett says:

You can say a lot of bad things about trump however you cannot argue trump isn't the first potus in a long time fighting for equality and Americans . Free trade or no trade that is common sense. Most potus go along to get along. Trump will not go along to get along and you have to respect that. I am not a expert but I know I haven't seen this before

Philosopher Prince says:

Gary Johnson… The sewer horn went off

Philosopher Prince says:

It amazes my senses how many humans dont understand natural economics. Conservative economics will give every liberal freak show 15 minutes of Glory. This lawyer is slick. In a good way.. Alex stuck to his guns. Alpha. Trump is the true wizard. If Trump makes the 40k no pay federal tax and ends chemtrals .. The paridgm shift is occurring. God devils minions are programmed to not understand trickle down tiny taxes

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