Paul Joseph Watson And Alex Jones About Trump Balloon And YouTube Helping Mainstream Media

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morgana dundee says:

These Billionaires Only Have Power Because They Conned Us Into Believing They Were Free Speech Advocates Providing Open Platforms!!!! HA! Otherwise They Would Be Losers With F. All. Now They Think They Are Our Masters. Well Too Bad, We Don't Buckle To Shit Like You Lot!

Davina Cleal says:

Try searching “trump and the bible!”
You will see exactly what YouTube is doing!

Davina Cleal says:

YouTube will put over 20 advertisements on my daughters kids shows on YouTube it’s absolutely disgusting over 20 ads sometimes more. I hope youtube looses loads of money following their order.

lenchienlon says:

t's not Russia who is trying to control election results. It's GOOGLE! Now that you know be careful when you Google search candidates for the 2018 midterms. Do you really want Google to control who you vote for?

#WalkAway from Google! It has a Leftist bias. It supports globalism. It is trying to become Big Brother. It is trying to use sophisticated technology to control your mind so that you follow its program. Want to become a Google Bot? Neither do I.

Adam Cliett says:

Alex, you're a true patriot and so is PJW. Please continue to speak the truth. #WalkAway

Paige Knaughtfund says:

Alex talks WAY too much

trevor sandy says:

That Trump balloon is a disgrace.

Joe R says:


Lisa Irizarry says:

Watch pls, Urgent … American Patriots this video must be watched and shared! Douglas M. Ducote Sr.

Joshua White says:

Alex is Humble, he knows his presence would be a distraction so he just does his own thing.

200% SMUG says:

The left cant meme

Helen Davenport says:

Look better without beard. Why the beard?

laserus3333 says:

Americans used to shoot people simply getting caught cheating at cards.How much more deserving of being shot them all the lieing, cheating, election rigging, media censoring propagandistic sepent tounge heathen scum.

misty blue says:

Americans Have sure hit The Jackpot With President Trump . Hail Trump The Boss

Berrot McMusing says:

I fast forwarded while Alex was speaking. He is incoherent.

Dr Jones says:

I'm bying that toothpaste

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