Paul Joseph Watson: Giant Sadiq Khan Baby Balloon To Fly Over London

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Angel Moses says:

Very good, excellent baby ballon Sadiq Khan, i love it.

T Stadelmayer says:

Mohammed save the queen!!!!!! Love how false friends uk government is acting towards the U.S. and no don't expect our friendships that has already gone down the drain. Mohammed save the bitch queen. "|' for the very few that are with us leave that island and come on over.

Leroymarvin says:

Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious  in the late seventies… now that's anti establishment

Davy Tornado says:

Wont be allowed to fly a Mohhamed Khan balloon in the London caliphate.. All the illegal muslim parasites on welfare will riot and scare the police into stopping it. We can insult our dearest and loyal ally all we like but criticise anything Islam, Whoa no way.

T Regis says:

I'm not offended by their insults to my President. They are free to throw a temper tantrum and I'm free to vote for him again in 2020.

Brian McDougall says:

Shouldn't it be a balloon of Khan marrying a baby in a sharia wedding.

willy cowan says:

we should have 2 more trump balloons to go with the baby balloon one as a young successful man and one as trump Superman then we can thank khan the cunt for his help

EdgarInventor says:

Make 2 blimps, one of the Muzzie bastard, the other saying "Where's the Brexit?". And by the way, a crossbow's dart makes close to no sound, and leaves little evidence. Just say'n

me ! says:

Sadiq is a Maoist Fanboy

The open mind says:

The Khan blimp should have a little piggy tail and a big brown stain on the bum.

The open mind says:

THE BLIMP IS AN OBSCENITY. Trump could be the greatest man since Alexander if he stays true to his principles.

Joseph Van Zandt says:

Paul, it is off the subject but how can the British government BAN Nigel Farage from talking to President Trump? Don't you still have freedom of speech over there?

Edward rowland says:

I'm just pleased that at least the Londoners are not dormant and are reacting [at last!] Oddly to me, it is strange that it is the young ones like Yanny Bruere reacting. Where are the older generation? who can remember the Americans contribution in the  second world war, helping us to keep Europe free. Why are they not screaming out against a Muslim? [ Khan] whose creed have murdered our own people in our own country in London and Manchester. Where are the indigenous Londoners???

Good Men says:

I wonder if the poms will shoot the Trump baloon down with flaming arrows.

Gregory Van Der Mewve says:

I just don't understand the left's hate towards Trump. It is so unfounded. They basically hate his desire to block immigration from some muslim countries. Obama had already done that himself during his reign. I realy think they are just stupid as shit.

Dawaleeb Alhawa says:

they can all s*** Mr. Trump's D***.

jessxxy says:

Who'd pay a good price to watch Trump slap Khan like a bitch… id sell my arse to witness that!

andrew russell says:

Sadiq Khan allows this. … how would he feel if we did something similar for the prophet Muhammad

me him says:

Why no catapult didn't pop it's ass I don't know? Shoot that commie fuck down!

Kevin Keelan says:

Someone should start a go fund me page. Let’s have a blimp made in honour of the terror sympathising piece of Muslim shit. The Middle East thinks it is disgraceful that the son of Pakistani immigrant is major of London. Pakistan is hated and looked down on in the Middle East.

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