PAUL JOSEPH WATSON: ITS BIG! Walk Away From The Leftist Cult!

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ThothHeart Maat says:

Grow your shit gnarly like me or its not anything… You need to look like a fucking yak.. anything less is just not sincere..

Chris Lajambe says:

Alex, you are vindicated. we believed you for years, It just took time for the monsters to rear their ugly heads into view

john clark says:

What ever there is no point in fighting with people that want to be slaves of the New World Order.

Count Fuckahorn says:

This is a spiritual moment, people waking up and seeing truth after years of programming the feeling must be sad as well as exhilarating. What a great time to be alive, it's all happening patriots the #walkaway movement is the end of the lies and propaganda coming from the left… Soros has failed.

Omegacube says:

MLK Style Independence American Party March in Truth

Jacky Flowers says:

Thank you, INFO WARS, PJW, Owen, David Knight, Millie, Lee Ann and everyone behind the scenes. Let's all walk away from the B. S., and into the shinning light of justice and truth. Positive things happen when people are positive.

j dee says:


ZipYour Lib says:

WALK da' fOck Away!!

Aaron P.B. says:

How does this channel have so few subs when a very short ago it was close to 2,000,000.

Fred Ragers VII says:

I like this #walkaway thing. It makes me hopeful and happy.

Bruce Wooley says:

They have no argument, no platform for discussion, only hate and violence directed at anyone who wishes to engage in a positive, well meaning, constructive dialog.

Mitchell Smith says:

Always on target, this would be mainstream if we were normal. The msm is a comedy show like entertainment tonight used to be. Alot of clueless people out there.

Jaded Optimist says:

Daily Mail reports that a dead woman48, found dead in Antony Weiner/Abedin trash compactor in NY.

Heidi Rippl says:

They don't want them to info wars because they might get that nugget of truth to wake them….

nanosun says:

Mike Ries… I WAS a govt worker, I just couldn't stand to see the WASTE of Taxpayer dollar$ and FIRED THEM, I went from a well run German company to a PATHETIC govt operation…
They are way overrated ! and most had side jobs and side businesses !?
That's why I say NO early retirement for them ( that is their Nexus ) and NO MORE contractors that do their dirty or complex work ! ) It's just NOT fair to the taxpayers !
1.) many can retire at 55
2.) they have side jobs/businesses, and govt job is where they can relax/rest at.
3.) they compete with each other in doing the least possible and procrastinate the most.
4.) they are just staff that come into being to serve a purpose, then they serve themselves.
5.) In total they are the DEEP STATE and self perpetuating machine.
6.) If govt were a business their product would be people, the more inferior, extreme, radical, violent, inferior the better to justify THEIR existence, PAY, and SECURITY.

And mike, don't feel paranoid and delete your comments, the govt is already spying on YOU, they have to ! It's the LEFT weirding way

Paula Purtle says:

The problem is they already have a shadow gov. In place.

waypasthadenough says:

When socialism dies, truly dies, and we have a constitutional amendment to ban it, I'll know 'the hate' has died, or really thrown into a pit it can't escape from.

What must be done – A manifesto of the ‘isms.’:

I guess the Founders who killed fellow Englishmen and Tory Americans were haters too.

Christian rebels and modern cowards:

You've been compromised haven't you?

Teachers and other so-called adults who don't feel comfortable being able to shoot back don't need to be around kids. They're setting a bad example. Lot's of fat out of shape teachers are setting a bad example as well.

We're flying millions of miles an hour through space on a water-soaked fire spitting rock. The only 'safe zones/spaces' are in the minds of morons. If I had a teen he/she would be trained in how to fight back and for damn sure be able to access a loaded weapon in the home if need be. We don't live in a country that destroys everyone's natural born rights because of the actions of a tiny minority.

We have an epidemic of communism/globalism that must be dealt with as the cancer that it is.

We MUST get the commies out of the schools and the universities and the textbook companies and teach reality and real history warts and all to children including basic survival skills, martial arts including shooting, physical fitness and military skills as the Boy Scouts were created to do.

Then ALL young adults must go through some basic military training where they learn basic infantry skills and get further exposed to reality before they are allowed to vote.

Yes, the AR15 and its variants is a 'weapon of war.' Stop apologizing to your enemies for your right to kill them.

What the commie globalist trash hopes to accomplish is our submission. Our failure to hunt them to extinction will ensure their success.

The right to fight back is the right to private property. The most important ‘private property’ anyone owns is their own life, health, safety, and no one, anywhere, anytime has the ‘right’ to take that from them or deny them their most basic right, that of self defense.

Crime is a red herring for 'gun control.' Always has been. Even if 'gun control' could be proven to reduce common crime it would still be evil as it would render the common people unable to kill government criminals when necessary.

Governments will always be able to get guns so we should ALWAYS be better armed than the average soldier, sailor, Marine, guardsman, whatever.

There’s no such thing as a good ‘gun law.’ All gun control is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to accept more control with total civilian disarmament being the final objective thus all gun control is an act of war. All who forward it should be arrested, tried for treason against human Liberty and executed.

There's no such thing as a 'right' to work covertly or overtly to enslave those around you.

Doing what is required to fight tyranny is always 'illegal.' When the blood war starts whatever we can pick up and use or steal and use will be 'legal.'

The question is not "What will you do when they come for your guns?" but "What will you do when they come for your neighbors' guns?"

What is a man, really?

The words 'illegal gun' aren't in the Second Amendment.

The only real reason for the militia:

The most important things to do:

It's time to put guns back in the schools and educate children in reality not communist fantasy land.

What to teach your kids

Why the commie globalists want us disarmed:

What I told my elected public servants about ‘gun control’:

AR15’s are Weapons of War?:

The origin of the right to keep and bear arms:

Adega Outlaw says:

Poor Paul is celebrating American success, while his poor country is flushing itself. I feel for the Brits.

Luigi Lamorte says:

I "walked away" left the left thirty five years ago. Never looked back. It's never too late to free yourself from the leftist madness.

Lisa Lefteye says:

Trump is the narrative to keep you all busy bickering over nothin. filling the airwaves up with dribbble.

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