Red-Hot Planet: All-Time Heat Records Were Just Set Across The World

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From the normally mild summer climes of Ireland, Scotland and Canada to the scorching Middle East to Southern California, numerous locations in the Northern Hemisphere have witnessed their hottest weather ever recorded over the past week. Large areas of heat pressure or heat domes scattered around the hemisphere led to the sweltering temperatures.

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J Brand says:

New self heating canned Spam

Horse White sword Electronica says:

And an angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun scorched.

Kellie MC says:

I look often on nullschool to see the jetstreams and I noted that round 2 weeks ago, the upper stream not flowing .. wish they'd leave thing alone. Geoengineering destroyed and continuing to damage all walks of life.

babylons fall says:

They didnt spray for long time now . At least above me , I think its linked, and its hoax , maybe now we see real weather like its supposed to be and they sell it as climate change

Ingrid S27EC says:

Maybe in Northern Hemisphere as it is summer up there. For us in Southern Hem it is winter. Been chilly down here.


GEO Engineering seems to be getting the results they been working on all these years. Our tax dollars at work!!!

Justsome Guy says:

I just fact checked most of this data…it appears we ARE having some severe heat globally. However, we are still on track for the "number" of record highs being in the norm. Its just a hot one this summer folks. Change them AC filters and keep plenty of ice pops in the fridge.

Nick Galletti says:

I’m from Southern California and to be honest really had one hot day this whole entire year so far. To be honest so far it’s much better than last year and much cooler.

Austin D says:


warrenkenneth33 says:

Kings Orders See to it that the child is raised up in the way of righteousness , neither eating flesh , nor drinking strong drink , nor harming the creatures which God hath given in the hands of man to protect and cherish.

Lorne Green says:

The hottest temps ever recorded? lmao, means nothing the scope of climate change. It has not even been 200 years of recording . Not to mention the measurements have never been consistently accurate.

Jon Nigaavich says:

It’s snowing in northern Minnesota

Robin Lacasse says:

Thank you for keeping us informed.

DASH - says:

No where close to heat reacords here in Chicago land, what condition where these temperatures taken? The global warming science has been known to fudge records, as in fake science

Johnny Kat says:

top leaves on the avocado trees got sun burnt from friday's heat, i've never seen that happen before .. (one tree is 25 years old)

Grace Mclaughlin says:

That map is absolutely not true, cooling coming

Backass Words Weirdworld says:

Keep on keeping on and call it like you see it. Still deserve reporter of the year in my book.

Fluoride Jones says:

This information doesn't surprise me. Also, sorry about your other channel, Dahboo.

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A-Ball BEAT'Z says:

That's warm try 2 million degrees

Gregory Zoebisch says:

Bullocks my friend…it's only 82 during the day here in Central PA …..and it's in the 50's at night in mid July….this map is skewed…sorry… I like your videos though and am subscribed by the way but this is plain wrong.

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