Tucker Carlson The Intellectually Honest Journalist Agrees With Black Activist:Not Such A Shocker

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The AntiCoIntelPro Show says:

Demonetized For Your Protection… Google Gulag

Susan S says:

MLK's vision for America cannot exist with BLM.

Biggie Brown says:

Well said!!!

Goran Fatovic says:

Can my pig came to comment daily news to this show?

soul_brother says:

that's how you open up a conversation with making sense, understanding and getting your point across without race/color or gender. Not the impeach impeach, Trump/Russia collusion with no evidence for one and a half years.

My Time says:

Throwing trash on the ground instead of garbage cans is something that our parents are suppose to teach us to do, & clean water should be cleaned from your city & the council you vote in. I've seen & lived in poor communities that where clean cause the people cared & I've seen & lived in ones that where garbage heaps, cause the people didn't care & weren't taught any better.

domenicaantje says:

Just another racist black woman,wanna save the environment? Start with yourself and eat less 😛

ChesterCopperPot Goone says:

absolute bore fest interie and his Sea biscuit comment was disgusting fuck u tucker eat your daughter

Joanne Bailey says:

I like Portia. I would hope to see more of her. She makes sense and is intelligent.

jeff hansen says:

What amazes me that those who advocate for action on climate change seem to love their cross country and trans-continental flights, SUV’s, McMansions. Hmmmm something doesn’t make sense their. Could it be virtue signaling?

First Last says:

We need more like her.

englandlord1 says:

Climate change is the same as people polluting? I'm confused. People might be inclined to be for cleaning up pollution if we stop calling it climate change. Climate change as it is defined by the government is a scam that will only make more people poor. I'm not going to go along with that and I don't think many other people will either.

grahepo says:

would be nice if Tucker had wished her success in her advocacy for clean drinking water and good sewage system for her community, and call upon the officials in charge to do their job and serve the people

hope the president looks into this matter

Will Wigginton says:

Global warming is caused by this black woman blowing out all this hot air.

Steve Castañeda says:

Stupid Liberals

Richard Babin says:

I'm hard right….but I agree with her……

Chris Henson says:

The earth cooled a half a degree the last 2 years from nasa reports this global warming scam is falling apart.

Jessica Miller says:

This is happening in Stillwater, Okla. You can not drink the water or cook with the water. The income levels are much more than in Alabama. However, it cost us the same so are we being discriminated against. I happened to be white and it’s still wrong.

Joe Smith says:

is it racial injustice that blacks disproportionately murder….rape….rob and assault whites
is it racial injustice that whites pay a disproportionate amount of tax dollars that blacks disproportionately receive
is it racial injustice when blacks get preferential treatment for diversity quotas they shouldnt get but do just based on race

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