World Cup 2018: Croatia fans celebrate World Cup semi-final win – BBC News

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Perisic and Mandzukic both scored in the match against England, which went into extra time.

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Trains_hub says:

Guys you know corita has no chance with france

ray hamner says:

fuck England, bunch of queers

J D says:

Everyone is saying how great England were but they were rubbish . Why did the throw this away ? I watched the whole game and they looked like amateurs and half asleep constantly . We only got to the semifinals cos we were against such terrible opposition . I'm sorry but I'm so happy we got thrown out . England will never win anything cos they are just a bunch of over paid losers who think they are special .

Jeewan Ramsamooj says:

well done croatia from trinidad

WelcomeYoongi says:

So it was exactly the same for France but you prefer to show a « riot » for French? Great

Nadia Islam says:

Croatia was the deserving winner. Best of luck for the final!!

Peter Cameron says:

Beautiful Love from Scotland

Random Kid says:


Help me

Novocastrian Winter says:

Well done to the Croats.
Also what is with all of the soppy English fans crying and sobbing like this is the worst thing in the world? not very edifying in grand schema of world events.
As a child maybe 15yo I was very upset with the Brazil England 2002 QF defeat but I had invested so much into it emotionally so inevitably that's bound to happen, I don't understand how grown men allow themselves to be taken to this point where they are prone to a very heavy fall back down into reality.
An intersting tweet I heard read out on the radio mused about a true meaning of the lyric now of footballls coming home, maybe that is true, personally I like this plucky English vibe, we were noble, away from the superiority complex we now have with Olympic expectations of TEAM GB.

Yacobus Fitri says:

Why did England lose to Croatia?

The Debasish Patro says:

Congratulations Croatia you deserved this…. Greetings from India.

Sukarno S3xy says:

Bring Austria-Hungary back!

james mcrory says:

Well Done Croatia:) the best team won in my opinion. Enjoy it you deserve it. Good Luck in the final 🙂 London UK

Andres E. Gomez M. says:

I have family in France, but I want Croatia to win. To have a new winning country

HitMeQuick says:

England. Please learn a short passing game. It helps relieve pressure during games.

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