WOW!… The President’s Lawyer Rudy G Slams CNN Anchor NO CRIME NO INTERVIEW

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robin blasdell says:

whats up with everyone using the term"push back on them"

Josh F says:

This chick is WAY out of her depth.

Peace ACR says:

Man Americans are going to lose everything ont let this crap happen to the best president you’ve ever had WAKE UP AMERICA

Americans First says:

CNN is nothing but a fake news propaganda outlet. Rudy is absolutely correct. The whole investigation is a fraud based on nothing but lies. The traitors at CNN should be ashamed of themselves.

Jeffry Devenyns says:

I love it. He just sank her hopes, her boss'es hopes, her network's hopes. One big torpedo, BOOM, CNN, 10,000 feet below the surface of television, quick, somebody call her and tell her TGI Fridays is hiring here in Mobile, Al.

erica olsen says:

someone take these cnn assholes out of the country before they get hurt

BloodOfYeshuaMessiah says:


Marco DeNuzzio says:

"Sources dealing with a whole bunch of people in the Trump administration"

First of all that sounds ridiculous

Secondly who are these sources and the bunch of people? She doesn't have any idea what the she is talking about does she?

FAKE NEWS! Trump is the best President in US history! MAGA! WWG1WGA!

zcasper123 says:

BOOM!! Take a hike CNN!

David Dinubilo says:

I wonder how much they are paying these hacks from CNN. Unbelievable

chief six says:

CNN is part of the Globalist Clinton Crime Network,which is falling apart day by day .

The Joker says:

You know in the real world if the police and prosecutors did this shit they would have been sued by now.

therooster333 says:

"SOURCES" LMFAO if CNN MSNBC ABC and CBS had anything it's always "SOURCES" told them. But they are never ever true. Just by the way this gross host is talking. You can tell and see the HATRED there. How in the hell are these people allowed to be bias and show their true colors on national television. I get the freedom of the press B.S. but to take sides and not call out Bill Clinton for rape or his crooked wife for flushing her emails. The day after she was ordered to give them up. How the hell is that cunt still walking free. The good news is CNN will soon be history. At least I'm hoping that they are lol. No more lies no more spinning stories and no more crazy host that think they are king HAHAHA.

Billy Ray Whitfield says:

Poor Dana, not a very bright bimbo, but, of course, if she was, she would not be working for Clown News Network! MAGA!

Torise Faamaligi says:

Oh CNN….These guys are the worst….When you look at all the chaos surrounding America, you'll see CNN, the true face of evil poisoning our country

Axiomaticness says:

How the hell is CNN still around?

mark tackett says:

Why doesn’t he just fire him, coming from CNNwhat a damn joke.

mark tackett says:

You sorry asses at CNN know why he won’t fire .Mueller , even if he was 100%justified you guys would twist and lie . Your a damn joke and your guilty of hurting this country also with your lies and hate biased reporting

Kent Farmer says:

Democrats , liers , crooks , & thieves !!!

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