🇺🇸 Art exhibit shows New York’s Times Square submerged in water | Al Jazeera English

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New York’s Times Square is submerged underwater in a new “mixed reality” public art exhibit.
The work, which is the brainchild of the artist Mel Chin, is intended to raise awareness of climate change.
Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey reports from New York.

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Muhammad Boota says:

Climate change but I don't love you UK no need

888 666 says:

These days people really do not care about each .
Not 1970 or 1980 people become more greedy or think more themselves, not really care , think more money money money , same like life is not enjoying or happiness, work until you died , we salve for money .

PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

waters world's, or the new fake Venice 2.0 again.. or whatever's it's called. can't wait baby's… he'll yeah.

PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

thanks geo storm's , fracking , drilling etc again. or paid crisis actor's led terrorists organizations..

PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

related to the fakery climate change again. or more's holographic/CGI again… hahaha.. no escape either.

PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques says:

brainwashed propaganda waters world's the movie's anyone's. starring Kevin's Costner or 90's era movie's anyone's.. he'll yeah. real life like soon baby's? ????.

Electric Rain says:

Legit predictive programming at its finest. It's so in your face I'm just in disbelief, and not a single NY knows what's about to hit them smh. I can tell you global warming won't be the reason, that's for sure…

Taha Hagar says:


Your Name says:

Don't play this while driving

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