Delingpole with James Delingpole: Media Brainwash Brits with Healthcare Propaganda

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Why do the British people believe their health care is the “envy of the world?” On this week’s Delingpole, James lets you know not only how complicit the media is in promoting this propaganda, but, in fact, how the media is the progenitor of this falsehood. Last week James tore into the failure of the British National Health Service (NHS) – just in time for it’s birthday celebration! Yes, it’s the Happy 70th Birthday NHS Special (lol) with Kate Andrews and Kristian Niemitz of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA). Because Kristian is German, James only mentions the War a few times – but he thinks he got away with it. Meanwhile Kate, an American, explains why the US healthcare system is not the only alternative – much as leftists may like to claim. But all is not lost! James and his guests will tell you where the top two health care systems are in the world. Listen now and find out whether you need to pack your bags.


Mat Helm says:

The US has always had Universal Access to healthcare. It has been illegal for US hospitals/doctors to refuse treatment since the 50's. And being that all hospitals before that were church based, it has always been unheard of. And we paying customers always had our bills marked up for the express purpose of paying for those who wouldn't or couldn't pay.

French Honey Badger says:

How about trying the free market in health care for once?! Instead of half-assed socialist systems like the american system or "universal health care" bullshit systems?!


YouTubes for VIDEOS GUYS… how hard is it ???

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