Rat-Like Creature, Peter Strzok, Testifies To Congress

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Peter Strzok testifies to congress while the democrats at the hearing protect him. Alex sings “Move B****” to the scum like Hillary Clinton and Peter Strzok that hate America.

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Peter prejudged Trump. 'Condemnation, without investigation, is the height of ignorance.' Albert Einstein

John Grytbakk says:

A nation flooded with Anti-Americans. They have nearly completely destroyed it. So sad.

wize2 thewayz says:

Can we please lock these criminals up?!!!

jax says:

you are so right alex garbage stench just like how jerry is destroying california it's going to get really ugly before it gets better the world is watching and we want justice

The incredible edible BOB says:

Peter can't speak without showing his teeth… creepy

1 1 says:

I was just thinking how weird he looked… yes he does look like a rat

Miranda Tedder says:

There's the man Growdy! I'm loving this!!!!!!!

roel freet says:

Will justice be serve against the deep state players wrongdoing??The bet would that they all get fired then walk free and politics will move on as usual folks!!
Voting republicans to hold the majority in congress this november is paramount but lets not hold our breath if charges will ever be filed against those deep state weasels.

gypsygrl1 says:

I loved seeing Strzok squirm – what a lying a*hole. Lol – move b** get out the way!

jahfree lorainz says:

Eddie Haskell: In one episode of Leave it to Beaver; told Beaver to say to his Mexican friend, "Teine una cara como el puerco".

Jay Dee says:

All republican questions are "real" and live. All LIBTARD dem "questions" are pure theater, either a run on speech pushing lies, or pre set up Q&A where his answers flow as if he read his lines & is giving his performance live on stage.

mrtalldude24 says:

Deep State trolls are out in full force today I see

TheBjiii says:

Conflict of interest, when you defend the guy that tried to cheat the country on your behalf.

Serj Herman says:

Wow, love what you're doing, but this last bit was pure cringe for cringe compilations. Don't do that again.

A Youtube Hero says:

The deepstate is not real, if they were alex would have talked about them for years but he has only talked about this since the election. Fake news.

jasmine k says:

Strzok is a guilty lil worm!!! I LUV how Gowdy chewed him out relentlessly! Some stupid Democrats were defending and clapping for Strzok in the room. Clearly we know who the enemies are now! Every one of those democrats in congress that clapped and defended Strzok need to be investigated too!

Badass warrior says:

Another thing, if someone told me their vote, I would keep it secret for them even if their were my enemy, I would still keep their secret because I respect the secret ballot and I respect other people’s vote.

Ben Petrie says:

Watching the Democrats cover for this guy is making me feel sick.

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