Rep. Darrell Issa Makes FBI Agent Read His Own Anti-Trump Texts

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FBI agent and Former Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok is questioned by Rep. Darrell Issa about anti-Trump texts sent out by the agent.


Rockdawg says:

This was a DNC funded soft coup!!!

Carver Jordan says:

Peter stzrock is truly psychotic

Diana C says:

What is with that head bobbing up and down in front of Issa?

caligsi says:

That was awesome

420kushmaster says:

arrest all these mofukers already and hang them high!

TheLaser373 says:

Small fish….I want to see oh-Bummer & Co. hanging!

James Michael says:

Shitbag . . . . You need to be gone.
You are not competent for public service.

IMA WAKE 2 says:

The Deep State will NOT let this continue.  Prepare for The Most Horrific FALSE FLAG ever to be devised.

David Smith says:

Usually think that Issa is a jerk – in this one I love what he did here

alt ctrlesc says:

Too proud to admit anything, the important part is nobody that watches this believes him. And he knows it.

Hunter Jones says:

Somebody isn't looking so cocky now

leftslayer says:

Send his ass to GITMO

Prompt N. Critical says:

That's my representative Issa giving that douche nozzle the grilling of a lifetime

Professional Youtube Commenter says:

Strzok is finished. No security clearance, and a very public flaying in Congress. The FBI is going to throw him to the wolves. Still, I doubt he does any jail time.

Justin Naoki says:

Brilliant!! got that sound bite.

Dark Dan says:

The traitor trump will be exposed!

Donna Baran says:

Strzok is lying and has credibility problems. No one believes his lies. He needs to charged for traitorous betrayal of our country.

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