Scientists Warn Stealth Mycoplasma Bug Sterilizing Women Worldwide

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Alex Jones breaks down a new study that shows there is an stealthy STD-type bug that sterilizes the women it infects.

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Gina la hue says:

Children of MAN… what a movie..a must watch

Frank Black says:

What was it a month ago Alex, some bird flu that was going to kill 4 billion people? Give it a rest bro.

JACOB1556 says:

Is this is what is being sprayed from the invisible Chemtrails that most people can not see what's in the sky.

hapwn says:

Just keep on having unprotected sex; cumming in every girl till one bears u a child!

hapwn says:

A new form of Planned Parenthood /abortion

hapwn says:

Life always finds a way!

Costas Tagritzis says:

FINALLY ALEX, you covered mycoplasma. Now I know you are legit. This mycoplasma also causes gulf war illness

Martin Vargas says:

Haha. Alex spreading Fake News again. Now hurry and buy my supplements. They can save you. Haha.

Eric Beltrami says:

Well, that's what they get for their hypergamy. It's a STD right? Then I have no pity for a thot. They did it themselves. They wanted their rights and their sexual autonomy to sleep with multiple men and have multiple children from different fathers, like in my moms case, I have no pity for them. This is the kind of nonsense that has led our country down the crap hole that it is in right now when it comes to relationships with women. They literally think we men are here to worship the ground they walk on simply because they exist. If they can go around riding the cock Carousel with no consequences. Well it's about time there finally been some serious consequences. I have no pity for them. Tthe damage these women with their out of control sexual autonomy and having multiple kids with multiple fathers being around, cannot even be calculated.

Michelle S15 says:

Act responsibly, and you won't get this STI

Glen tennis says:

I've been saying that this is how we should have ended the north Korea situation years ago.

Just stealthily carpet bomb them with a sterilizing chemical, and wait them out.

Although then I would be advocating genocide…..

Thank god Trump has a better plan than me!

LeonFrim 247 says:

People we need to have more kid have at least three kids don’t let these globalist take over

J McClain says:

Infowars should take these stories and condense them down to 5 minute videos. Your views on specific issues would go up. Just a suggestion.

shellystone 23 says:

I just had a surgery about 4 months ago that was supposed to be ovarian cyst removal and ended up being so much scar tissue and some strange spots everywhere that weren't cancer. So strange they had to send the biopsy to Stanford because none of the local labs could figure out what it was. I havent heard anything, they said they would let me know if it was harmful.

Teresa Grow says:

Scientists are being knocked off all the time. They know what's up.

Chase Baker says:

Mycos are hard to detect and hard to kill. They hide in a tiny waxy bubble. Wash your hands.

Craig Ross says:

The more you separate yourself and your family away from Hollywood. The more you realize its PURE EVIL!

Orion33 Van Zant1984 says:

Love you Alex great work I thank you for taking up the mission of peace and truth epic..

Adam Trew says:

bill gates is celebrating about this

lili al says:

censorship still high and its getting worse.

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