Starting on Monday — Facebook is Doing it Too

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The OS says:

never joined that pos facebook. this just gives me another reason to stay the f away

Brandon Printz says:

Facebook sucks, youtube sucks

Valerie Verhoeven says:

Hopefully both initiatives will be a resounding failure and a waste of millions of dollars of Liberal money, just like Hillary's presidential campaign. If these people were so concerned about poor people and social injustice, why don't they donate that money to charities who help local communities, rather than perpetuating the indoctrination of the populace.

Rylo Ken says:

fuck these insane Marxists

Milosz Ostrow says:

Who's really behind this Facebook "news" initiative? Is it another CIA disinformation campaign?


liberal idiots..

Nacho Slave says:

Sounds like the msm is giving up on the msm too. Cant blame em

Angel Vallone says:

I took myself off Facebook in January because of the liberal craziness… and the brainwashing….

James Reynolds says:

Fuck Facebook I've given up on them

LittleLady00 says:

I don't read any of the news programs on Facebook.  It just means I will have more to ignore on Facebook.

William Barber III says:

A NEW SOCIAL PLATFORM, owned, operated, & run by conservatives to counter Twitter & Facebook & YouTube. Of course none of that will be publicly stated or admitted. It will just be obvious when people begin to see liberal viewpoints & opinions pushed to the bottom, stuck on last page or so small that it's easy to miss. Come on, someone has to have the money & connections to start this.

Jason Ali says:

Mark, I appreciate you and the work you do. True American Patriot. One critic if I may humbly, instead of constantly complaining about the direction of youtube, especially, why don't you create a new video sharing website. And promote it on Youtube. Guarantee somebody with your popularity within a month it will catch if the product is good and in a year Youtube will be scrambling to their viewers back or become more and more obsolete. Not sure if they have a patent on something that prohibits competition. Call it FreedomTube Lmao. That will add some salt on sugar mountain.

Jim Bond says:

What's the big deal? I don't use Facebook. I only use YouTube for a few shows and commentators.

BlueEyedRedhead says:

I can't stand some of the fox news people on Saturday and Sundays. I call them the generics. I only watch Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Jessie Watters, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and Greg Gutfeld.

BlueEyedRedhead says:

I think Shepard Smith should go to CNN, I can dream, right?

Kyle Kim says:

On the 4th of July was my independence day from facebook, YES! Mark let me DELETE my account. yes delete not deactivate. Greatest moment this year lol

Sheila Sure says:

Wearing a shirt showing Washington with the "manipulating America's gullible assholes" hat is a great idea.

Dan F says:

Funneling money to failing networks….. They have been doing this for the print media for awhile now. Its called "propping up"!

Sheila Sure says:

All media is propaganda these days.

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