Trey Gowdy Grills Peter Strzok

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Trey Gowdy doing what he does best at today’s hearing of FBI agent Peter Strzok on his plan to stop Trump. 👕 Order your “Trump 2020” shirts here:

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Mark Dice says:

I’ve never seen such a smirking, arrogant swamp creature in my entire life. Subscribe to my channel if you're new here, and let's keep on dismantling the mainstream media machine and what's left of the Democrat Party!

erne75 says:

There is full of shit and then there is swampy demonrat full of shit…

no one needs to know my name says:

This was a joke

joemackey1950 says:

1.15 Is that the ghost of Chris Farley behind Strzok? 🙂

JassiJo says:

Gowdy the Hound. amazing

J V says:

Scum bag Bolshevik

Joshua Ehl says:

What a piece of shit. Find him in contempt, throw him in jail.

Ahum Stinum-alahbakbak says:

When does the grilling start?

Sanctimonious Max says:

This Strzok character is scary. He talks like a character in a horror film.

Carol Martinez says:

Moral of the story: be careful what you text. Lol
This looks no different from kids arguing over a game, except they call each other by a distinguished sounding titles instead of block head, nose picker and skunk breath.

Carsten says:

disgusting display by democrats and this snake

Auto Glass Maxx says:

Strzok sounds and looks like HYENA

Timothy Drake says:

So we shouldn't take anything literally except when Trump says it? Democrats and their double standards..

Mike Bergquist says:

Democrats are scrambling to defend Strozak, Nadler insists, Jamcckson Lee is an ass! I move to adjourn! WTF has happened to the democrats? They got caught stepping on the collective dicks!

insaneinside90 says:

He can smirk like that because he knew he has alliessssssss in that chamber.

Glen DeKoker says:

This guy should be in prison for treason. Can't they waterboard this piece of shit?

Rylo Ken says:

STROK what a fucking smugfaced lunatic GO TO GITMO YOU LITTLE FUCK WATERBOARDING 24/7

MrYouthworker16 says:

What a demon Peter is yuk and his demon mates the democrats

J V says:

What a complete disgrace the commicrats are

Robert Moulton says:

Why isn't this guy in jail . Give him a cell beside Hillary . His closing argument about FBI integrity is BS . They never interviewed the right people in a timely fashion . The corruption is massive !

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