YouTube Finally Admits It

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Ed Kelly says:

Mark I created a great new logo for youtube…how can I send it to you? It would make a great shirt in my opinion.

BlueEyedRedhead says:

You Tube is Racists against Conservatives.

BlueEyedRedhead says:

YouTube is only destroying itself, kind of Ironic.

JaNex says:

I'll follow whatever you site you go to Mark. And I'll end my YouTube Red subscription if they are deciding to choose what sources I should watch for news. No thanks.

ThetruePegeg says:

Man, you're the best! Keep up the great work. Watching every video you make from Switzerland!

American Nobody says:

I actually never thought about that before but he's right, I never see his videos in the recommended list!

MissJhanesUniverse says:

What is the new YOUtube then??

Jared Davis says:

The dems want to censor the internet before the next election because there still butt hurt about losing to trump.

Chaille Smith says:

I'm sorry but it is time for conservatives to sue YouTube and Google. There is enough of you that it has become a class action lawsuit.

milcoll73 says:

ssssooooooooooooo george soros owns youtube?

William Sullivan says:

Mark you're a man of action. Fuck YouTube. It blows now. All the real stuff is gone. It's all fake news now. Please start TrueTube. Where people aren't stifled from spreading the truth like they are on YouTube now.

John Kennedy says:

Mark the gatekeeper Dice? Is what they say about you true?

Remote Viewer 1 says:

The Ministry of Truth is at it again.

T. Maximus says:

I'm Donald Trump and I support this message.

grizzlygrizzle says:

How many black conservatives were included in YouTube Black?

Mork Tison says:

all fan made videos about illuminati conspiracies are removed from youtube, why is that?

MrGreggles says:

Well for the record I don't need notifications for your video as I pop by manually every evening after work. Too bad YT are such a bunch of PC mankers .I never knew about your Funniest Insults & Comebacks vid. 9M views – winner!

JohnnyBGood11 says:

Hey Mark is youtube going to force the people to watch these Fake News Videos to come??

grahamyodude says:

Youtube really has no idea who their main user base is

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