🇨🇲 Cameroon probes video showing women, children being shot dead | Al Jazeera English

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Cameroon’s president has ordered an investigation into the killing of four civilians after a video emerged that appears to show government forces blindfolding and then shooting two unarmed women and children.

They were reportedly shot dead when they were accused of being members of the armed group Boko Haram.

Al Jazeera’s Barbara Angopa reports.

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all bueno says:

The chosen ones must be proud

Rock says:

African soldiers commit atrocities all the time, throughout the continent. Then government officials deny that, their soldiers ever did, and by so doing they encourage more atrocities to be committed. When these soldies are caught, they should be charged , as well as all the officials who came out defending those criminals, before any investigation was done .This is a hideous crime.

Amani L says:

Francophones are the problem

Habert Muwulya says:

Foolish news who made the video when soldiers were a round

Kevin pure h says:

Omg ! That's so sad cameroon army they must investigate that horrible crime & brought to justice those animals how could you kill an innocent baby

Dizzi Zoon says:

What do you expect from a gorilla with an Ak47…?

All those uneducated criminals are the one keeping Africa to its knees, get paid less and kill a human being.

All In says:

Just sad, all over the world, senseless killing…

Vegar Taza says:

those kids had nothing to do with anything, may Allah Bless them.

Schoko Sirup says:

Thats ISLAM!!!!

Ana Milena Murillo Machado says:

As long as they kill each other and not european women it´s ok with me. Those african imbecils can´t live in peace with no one. Not even with their own people.

aped says:

African armies are great at brutalizing civilians, women and children. They’re not so good at fighting other armed men.

Gul Aze says:

That is sad. What kind of mentality to kill innocent children. But probably they died and now in peace rather than living with such animals. And all for religion?

one love says:

Totally idiotic criminal international community should step in..

musti mon says:

France is supporting these christian terrorists. Bobo haram seem like the good guys

Imran adam says:

اللهم أعز إلا سلام والمسلمين والد ل الشر ك و لمشر كين ودمر اعذاك الذين

Fx says:

Just watched the full clip. Really messed up stuff and it looks like they were bringing along many others to do the same to them. No humanity at all.

Mesfin Gondar Serqe Berhan says:

If you are an imitator of Muhammad the Criminal, you deserve this fate.

Turk Aslan says:

So sad to see Allah help these people thank you al jazzera for spreading this information so they can get help

Diego Delgado says:

Of course you would say its fake news…..

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