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Some of Iran’s biggest oil customers appear to be succumbing to US pressure to curb imports from Tehran.

After withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal and imposing sanctions on Iran, Donald Trump started urging countries that import oil from Iran to find alternate suppliers.

Iran says it won’t bow to US pressure – and is threatening to block the Strait of Hormuz.

Al Jazeera’s Mereana Hond reports

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Ivan Chernobyl says:

The usa is going to get rich off this since, taking over the number one slot of oil producer in the world.

Ivan Chernobyl says:

These Iranian terrorist, need taken out.

sandy says:

We will stop importing Iranian oil if US provides us oil free of cost. US sanctions is not UN sanctions.

Ruturaj kumar says:

India will never stop import from Iran.Iran is our strategic partner, for short time it may reduce.

Junaid Mohammed says:

The world has Cancer and that is USA.

Maryam bosna says:

i like Iranian people but not regime…i hope Iranian regime falls and democracy comes to iran..

Mutum Sanjit Meitei says:

Fuc USA n it's allies .Long live peace loving countries

Adnan HuXain says:


ata-ur rahman says:

Defiantly one day Iran will come out from the situation created by Trump, but that day Iran have to remember, which country support him in their tough days.

Sami Aaron says:

I think every US President comes to power is looking for a competition "who got to as many war in his presidential time"
The world got a problem and the problem is America.

Hooman Hoomani says:

Not gulf, its call Persian gulf you idiot

Allen Twohay says:

Iran needs to collapse.

Moe Moe says:

There is no entity as gulf, but THE PERSIAN GULF.

deeptotop says:

First of all muslim countries unite and stop
Exporting oil to india .
God is great

Noel Relova says:

iranian government is evil! financing terrorists group, instead of putting their money to manufacture their own drinking water.

Raya says:

Question is what's next for the Islamic republics Mullahs.

Antonio Ribeiro says:

Iran should not worry. US does not win anywhere. Do not win in Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia, China, Syria etc, etc.,

john john says:


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