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In late July, Cambodians will go to the polls for what critics say is a sham election. Having dissolved the main opposition party and closed down media outlets critical of the government, the world’s longest serving Prime Minister Hun Sen stands accused of using violence and intimidation to silence dissent.

The crackdown has extended to those who dared to critically report on the country’s politics. Newspapers have been forced to close after they were issued massive tax bills.Cambodia’s head of taxation, Vibol Kong, denies accusations that the tax bills were designed to silence critical reporting.

Vibol Kong, a member of the ruling party’s elite central committee, insists that the media organisations were trying to avoid paying tax.But 101 East’s analysis of company records in both Cambodia and Australia shows that Vibol Kong himself hasquestions to answer.

The documentary also puts the spotlight on alleged criminal activities carried out by other members of Cambodia’s ruling elite in Australia. As human rights activists warn that Cambodia is teetering on the edge of total dictatorship, this exclusive 101 East investigation into alleged corruption among the country’ ruling elite comes at a critical time in the country’s history.
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Sammedy Joy says:

ស្ពឹកមុខ សូមរដ្ឋាភិបាលដកគាត់ចេញពីតំណែង។

Sammedy Joy says:

He thought the interview was about the disclosure of the independence newspaper The Cambodia Daily only. He then becomes panic when she asks about his personal story.

hato nakito says:

I'm a Cambodian, the ruling party is extremely corruption and all systems unfair for poor people especially the supreme court. If you don't believe me, you can live for a while in Cambodia you will know it. Thanks you so much Al Jazeera for sharing this formative news.

Hy Lydoeun says:

It need to be translated to Khmer language detail to indicate this to the public in Cambodia due to majority of Cambodian people don't understand English and lack of independent media to observe

Hy Lydoeun says:

If you keep putting more questions to him he will get heart ❤️ attack soon

Hy Lydoeun says:

He look like wanna cry while questioned

Hy Lydoeun says:

Haha "maybe they put in the system wrong" it is because the Australian government is doing something wrong or on professional work

kevin Leeparker says:

after china gave hun sen 200 million plus loan….he didn't back philiphine in the dispute case during the asean summit….money ..power..greed….im glad u.s have 2 terms elections….the news caster lady got the taxation guy good…with no speech to say…cant say much ..when she has public records and evidence….lol

Vic Ng says:

Obviously a microcosm of the bigger geopolitical picture, ie. USA vs China.

Hy Lydoeun says:

The guy name Vibol Kong doesn't know how to answer your question because they are too difficult to answer like a student doesn't know how to answer the teacher questions and his eyes look like he feels much scare of something.

Cassowary says:

Cambodia has no oil, so America or NATO doesn't care and won't bring any "freedom" to them. 🙂

Norah Riddhi Entertainment says:

Thanks Aljazeera for finding and sharing the truth what most of Cambodians never knew or heard

Rath Mam says:

Good investigation.

Punwath Prum says:

Hello, I think you have missed a potential political party in Cambodia. It is LDP and it receive approximately 80000 people from the last election. Grassroot party and Cambodia Youth party have lower public support than LDP. Thanks

Jude Ban says:

You need 2 hands to clap.why is Australian government allowing all this?

Michael Boyers says:

As long as the people believe in karma they have a chance if the become atheist communists then wars will eventually arrive on their doorstep, stay true to the laws of Karma whether your Hindu or Buddhist

Michael Boyers says:

A corrupt government should be over thrown

6packter says:

bring back the monarchy destroyed by the french colonialists.

John Feld says:

Sorry for the Cambodian people who have to live in this corrupt regime

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