🇵🇸 Foreign residents in Palestinian territories denied visa renewals | Al Jazeera English

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Foreigners who live and work in the Palestinian territories are facing more difficulties to stay.

Israel is increasingly rejecting applications to renew residency visas and families face being split up.

Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reports from the occupied West Bank.

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OMW TFYB says:

Dont bother scrolling down…Lots of Israeli bots in the comment section.

Taha Hagar says:

Oh Hitler we miss you. You should have finished off these cockroaches.

tube3365 says:

Everyday you hear a new illegal measure Israel is taking to make Palestinian lives intolerable. The international community needs to speak up and start taking similar actions as Ireland.

Rob Donaldson says:

Wow! Imagine that! >> "Palestinian Authority Vows To Continue Paying Terrorist "Martyr" Stipends."

fidel catsro says:

Palestinian government should be allowed to make these decisions in the Palestinian territories !! Not Israel!

Show bobs and vagene says:

Israel is doing the right thing. Foreigners are trouble-makers.

cuck police says:

mmm the smell of bias

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