🇺🇬 Uganda social media tax: Activists arrested during protests | Al Jazeera English

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Police in Uganda has fired tear gas to disperse protesters demonstrating against new taxes, including a levy on access to social media apps.

The move has provoked widespread outrage.

Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb reports from Kampala, Uganda.

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musti mon says:

Long live Uganda the dirty church is leading these terrorists to protest

The Truth says:

Is this wakanda

The Liberal Refugee says:

Really happy seeing how developed and educated the country looks. Keep fighting for whats right and keep moving forward, much love from the US.

TheBattleMaster100 says:

How can you tax a free app?

George Lihi says:


Dave says:

they need Ugandan knuckles !

vinm300 says:

Good luck to the protesters.
Of course the African dictators will always come out on top.
The African Union always supports corruption, dictators and election rigging.
There's strength in numbers : that's why the African Union was founded.

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