🇺🇸 US reopens investigation into Emmett Till murder case from 1955 | Al Jazeera English

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One of the most notorious cases of racial violence in US history will be reopened by federal investigators.

The lynching of black teenage boy Emmett Till in 1955 shocked the nation and spurred the growing civil rights movement.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports.

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Norcanex S.G. LLC. says:

Only in the country of "freedom for all" unless you are not my color or we just do not like you!

Sunglass Shinpan says:

Race baiting al jazeera is as pathetic as cnn!!

All In says:

Emmit till is just one!

dimaz andhika says:

Reopens malcom x martin luther king jr. JFK RFK 9/11

Walt F. says:

Way too little, way too late. Monsters got away with murder, then lived a long and happy life.

African Pharaoh says:

I hope she dies the most brutal way and she lives long enough to suffer before she dies

zeekyoti mann says:

Only one of many many many similar events that happened in America at that time. Its much less now. ..but still here.

Mohamad Bali says:

I just learn if u are minority in America u got to educate your self against the odd so sitting without knowledge u not going to make then you are a simple people always behind

Hussein Kazungu says:

Thanks al Jazeera

ayitian1 says:

African Americans are idiots!

Lord Night says:

This is America.

nightlightabcd says:

He was killed by white right wingers, Republican types, Trump's people!!

M Wasim pervez Jaan says:

George stinney, jessi washington all were teens at the age of being executed…

Tuan Anh Pham says:

Missippi burning

Mohamad Bali says:

I guess past is past please respect each other as far as race concern stop racist act now

D DuBos says:

This is outrageous! The killers have made all whites seem as if we are against blacks and want to harm them. This is a LIE. I love and adore my black friends and I have more black friends than white friends. For the victim's family I am truly sorry for the violence done based on the evil intentions of KKK or Illuminati or whatever they claim guided them. I am sorry you will have to relive this tragic event while this case is reopened. I pray for y'all's strength and healing.

K Brown says:

Everyone must have died so they are short on cases and need money to buy a new yacht.

ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

what about american school children dieing everyday by NRA cultists?

Elijah Marshall says:

This is excellent. It's time people were held accountable for the atrocious acts of the past.

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